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April 14, 2013

The 6 Most Ridiculous Guitar Designs

By Levon Ritter | 282,641 Views

In the world of music, there's always going to be innovation, creativity, and products of intense drug use masquerading as innovation and creativity. The following guitars are primarily examples of that last category.

#6. The Gittler Guitar

Gittler Instruments


April 13, 2013

5 Monster-Sized Versions of Bugs That Will Haunt Your Dreams

By E. Reid Ross | 351,786 Views

Bugs may have fangs, stingers and howling star-spawn faces, but at least humans have the size advantage, right?

No. No, we do not.

#5. Grubs

This hulking dinosaur maggot is the grub of the Hercules beetle, which can be found squirming in and around piles of rotting wood down in Central and South America. It can grow up to 4-and-a-half inches long, leaving it sufficient room in its abdomen to digest your nightmares.

They then crawl into your ear and regurgitate them back into your mind as you sleep.


April 12, 2013

6 Animals You're Not Safe From in Your Own House

By Linda Lombardi | 266,269 Views

Nature cannot be trusted. But if you think you're safe inside on the Internet, think again, because these animals will come for you in your own home.

#6. Hawks

Rico the Chihuahua was out on the patio when a hawk swooped in and started violently pecking his tiny head, because literally the only purpose purse-sized dogs serve is to be food for sky-blazing ambush predators of terrifying majesty. Rico's 74-year-old owner, Margaret, managed to grab the defenseless dog away from the hawk's beating wings of fury and run inside. But the bird followed them into the house, chasing the dog through the front room and into the kitchen and pinning it down again.

We'd have just adopted the hawk and considered ourselves lucky for the upgrade.


April 11, 2013

3 Hilariously Dangerous DIY Projects from Old Magazines

By Paul Taylor | 211,752 Views

The nice thing about the 1950s was that everyone had a can-do attitude. Unfortunately, that kind of plucky optimism lends itself to dangerous situations, like whatever was going on with Korea and these ridiculously lethal do-it-yourself projects. We're lucky the Baby Boomers survived infancy to give birth to the rest of us, because their parents seemed hell-bent on killing them.

#3. Build Your Own Water Murder Devices