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March 13, 2014

4 Ridiculous Ways People Are Trying to Make Weed Upscale

By Kathy Benjamin | 233,315 Views

As soon as something taboo goes mainstream, businesses will find a way to attract the money of your Aunt Doris. And with the legalization of marijuana building momentum, the future of pot smoking is going to be a lot more mom-and-pop friendly than you could ever imagine. What the hell are we talking about?

#4. Bed-and-Breakfasts ... ON WEED

B&Bs are those adorable little inns where your parents go on vacation when they want to totally do it. And a B&B in Denver called Get High Hideaways is now charging $200 a night in the hopes of attracting high-end clientele whose idea of a good time is contemplating infinity while staring at doilies and Hummel figurines for hours on end.

Matthew Staver/The New York Times
Just imagine this as a GIF.


March 12, 2014

4 Fake News Stories That Made the Media Look Like Dumbasses

By David Christopher Bell | 269,329 Views

In the fast-paced world of today, not all of us have the time to actually "read" news articles beyond the headline, just like not all journalists have the time to "check their sources" or "give a shit about the fake stories they're spreading." Fortunately, we've sort of taken it upon ourselves to become the Batman of news -- hiding in the shadows, cleaning up the Internet one hyperbolic story at a time, all while wearing our undies on the outside.

#4. Kurt Cobain's "Old Roommate" Isn't Selling His Stuff on Craigslist

Twenty years after Kurt Cobain's death, even the city that once arrested the guy for vandalism is trying to cash in on his memory by erecting a tourist-bait statue of him crying. That's why it didn't seem too far-fetched when the following headline popped up everywhere:

"Including torn jeans, a box that looks kind of like a heart, and Krist Novoselic."


March 11, 2014

4 Reasons This New Movie Is Everything Wrong With Hollywood

By Tom Reimann | 435,365 Views

Earlier this week, Sony, a multimedia corporate giant run by full-grown adults, paid $1 million for a screenplay called Winter's Knight, a gritty interpretation of the Santa Claus legend, because everyone in Hollywood has lost their fucking minds.

#4. This Is a $1 Million Pitch

According to the article, Winter's Knight is a reimagining of the origin of Santa Claus, putting St. Nicholas in the mix with Viking elements. So, St. Nicholas, a fourth-century Greek bishop famous for putting gold into people's shoes, is going to somehow travel halfway across the known world and do battle with Vikings.

The magical white flurry that inspired this probably wasn't made of snow.


March 10, 2014

4 Stupid Ways Facebook Is Messing With the Legal System

By Chris Radomile | 301,979 Views

Our legal system may not be perfect, but anyone can tell that an extreme amount of effort has gone into trying to cover every possible scenario we may throw at it -- there's a 10-tome treatise somewhere about how the court should react should a defendant pull down his pants and deliver testimony with his butthole. However, here's one thing our best legal minds never saw coming: dumb people posting dumb stuff on Facebook.

Yep, somewhere between all the pointless tweaks and upgrades, Mark Zuckerberg apparently added "throwing a wrench into real-life court cases" as a new Facebook feature. Here are some people who are already making use of it.

#4. Plaintiff Turns Down Judge's Friend Request, Loses Case

In Florida (of course), Judge Linda Schoonover was presiding over a divorce case when, somewhere between all the talk of marital problems and broken dreams, she decided that the wife sounded really fun. Presumably envisioning wild nights on the town and Real Housewives marathons in sweatpants, Schoonover sent the woman a friend request on Facebook. Schoonover's potential BFF, however, didn't accept the request ... and subsequently ended up saddled with the majority of the marital debt and absurd alimony payments to her ex-husband.

"How the hell else was I going to unlock all those Candy Crush levels?"