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April 03, 2014

4 Hilariously Juvenile Ways Politicians Are Trying to Win

By XJ Selman | 215,147 Views

Remember the best part of school elections? It was seeing what stupid-ass lengths kids would go to for the right to be named student body mathematician or whatever. And guess what? Things get really weird when grown-up politicians attempt the same shit in the adult world.

#4. Dutch Politicians Use Gay Dating App to Get Voters

When running for office, it's important to ask, "Hey, what are the young people into these days?" If you're two Amsterdam politicians who happen to like dudes and are mildly oblivious to social norms, you might be tempted to think the young people are into Grindr, the app that connects you with willing but anonymous sex partners. Thus, Pieter Rietman and Jan-Bert Vroege created Grindr profiles explicitly to reach voters.

Jan-Bert Vroege/Grindr
This is not how you are supposed to pole the electorate.


April 01, 2014

13 Shocking Statistics You Won't Believe Are True

By CRACKED Staff | 490,541 Views

We'd like to do an experiment in honor of April Fool's Day. The information in the below infographic is 100 percent false, and laughably so. The idea is for you to share said infographic on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/etc. and see which of your friends immediately share it with the world without a second thought, versus the ones who actually take a few seconds to either A) Google the information to see if any of it is true or B) simply type in the source URL at the bottom, which would lead them here, and to this explanation.


March 31, 2014

4 Viral News Stories That Were Total B.S. (Part 19)

By David Christopher Bell | 279,225 Views

As we've seen with the recent clusterfuck of Malaysia Flight 370 headlines, the top priority of the news these days is less "give the news" and more "remorselessly splay every batshit ludicrous story until people catch on." Luckily, we're here to accelerate that process with our customary report of the most ridiculous recent non-headlines everyone fell for. Like ...

#4. Liam Neeson Didn't Go All Taken to Save a Dog

Here's a little something from the "shit we wish was true" department:

He just appears whenever teens are doing something wrong, like a punching man's G.I. Joe PSA.


March 30, 2014

4 Cliche Things Every Dystopian Young Adult Movie Does

By Hillery Alley | 333,403 Views

This year, fans of the young adult dystopian film genre will have four different movies from four different franchises playing in theaters. Besides the second Hunger Games, there's Divergent, Maze Runner, and The Giver, all based on novels from the same section of your local Books-A-Million. But don't worry if you can't afford to watch all of them -- if you've seen one, you can guess how the others go.

We're not kidding. Here are some weirdly specific things all these movies decided to include.

#4. Every Movie Begins With Youngsters in Drab Clothing Riding Trains

Apart from the love triangles and the overabundance of grayscale, the first surefire sign that you're about to watch YA dystopian sci-fi is to have a bunch of forlorn-looking teens standing around, all wearing the same grim clothes.

Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate Films, The Weinstein Company, 20th Century Fox
Is there a costume designer strike we don't know about?