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February 20, 2014

5 Nightmare-Inducing Animal Swarms That Came Out of Nowhere

By Amanda Mannen | 268,341 Views

Our species likes to consider itself the master of the planet, but every now and then animals decide to remind us how staggeringly outnumbered we are by grouping together, seemingly for the express purpose of showing humans that we are barely competent meat puppets without our vaunted tool-building skills.

#5. Escaped-Bee Attacks Are a Thing, Horrifying

Truck driver Josh Call was returning to his rig after a coffee stop in Phoenix when he was suddenly attacked and stung over 20 times by a rogue swarm of bees that escaped from another truck, because apparently Call was hauling a trailer full of honeycombs and gypsy curses.

itsmejust/iStock/Getty Images
"Why did I record that Wu-Tang diss track?"


February 18, 2014

4 Unintentionally Awful Attempts to Raise Public Awareness

By XJ Selman | 242,781 Views

The Internet has taught us that the governments of the world aren't above getting silly every once in a while -- the White House recently wrote a detailed response explaining why they can't build a Death Star, and even senators and congressmen have gone so far as to embrace Doge memes. Unfortunately, sometimes our authorities forget to turn off their legendary senses of humor when broaching serious subjects and just come off like insensitive jackasses.

We never thought the day would come when we'd complain about government officials getting too whimsical, but then again, no one could have predicted shit like ...

#4. Police Write Anti-Rape Christmas Poem, "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Last December, police in Nottinghamshire, England, finally realized that putting out "Ladies, don't get raped" ads isn't the most productive way to combat a very serious problem, so this time they decided to target the perpetrators instead. How? Why, by writing would-be rapists a Christmas poem, couplets and all. Here's the opening:

Nottinghamshire Police
It gets even worse when you read it in Jack Skellington's voice.


February 16, 2014

4 Priceless Treasures That Were Destroyed by Morons

By David Christopher Bell | 374,767 Views

Whether it's Frank Drebin stabbing a fish with a priceless pen or Inspector Clouseau versus a Steinway piano, no slapstick comedy is complete without the hero inadvertently devaluing some priceless relic through charming buffoonery. But if you thought such over-the-top destruction could only exist in a Mr. Bean movie, you were wrong -- sometimes life imitates art, and sometimes that art involves some clumsy dildo juggling vases.

#4. Museum Guard Sits in Napoleon's Chair, Promptly Breaks It

Being a security guard in a museum isn't as exciting as Ben Stiller would have us believe -- standing for eight hours straight in an adult-size Boy Scout uniform can get pretty tedious, especially when you have a comfy-looking chair right there. That was the situation for a French guard who recently gave in to leg cramps and decided to rest his haunches on a nearby folding chair ... which happened to be the 200-year-old fart muffler for none other than Napoleon himself. Unfortunately, the guard couldn't rest for long, because he totally broke the chair by completely snapping the leather in two.

Mobilier Nationale
"My my, I tried to hold your butt, but you were stronger
Oh yeah, and now it seems my only chance is giving up the fight


February 15, 2014

4 More Creepy Mysteries With Really Dumb Explanations

By XJ Selman | 407,368 Views

In exchange for the science and technology that afford us quick access to photographs of breasts, humanity has relinquished that sense of slack-jawed wonder that kept us chained to superstitions for so much of human history. This probably explains why there are those among us who still search for mystical explanations for simple phenomena. (Or, phenomeNOTs, if you're feeling particularly Dana Carvey today.)

#4. Strange Egyptian Statue Spins Because of ... Footsteps

Last summer, Egyptophiles all over the world were left in suspended states of shock as video proof of the paranormal had finally been captured. At Britain's Manchester Museum, a 10-inch ancient Egyptian statue had been recorded spinning all on its own.

ABC News
"Stand in the place where you haunt/Now face north
Think about possession/Wonder why you haven't before."