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June 13, 2014

5 Hilarious Early Roles of 'Game of Thrones' Actors

By Amanda Mannen | 619,618 Views

For those of us fully immersed in Westeros and the lives of all its inhabitants, it's easy to forget that Game of Thrones' cast members aren't actually the badass men and women they play on TV. Well, it's easier to forget with some actors than others.

"He's just an actor playing a role. He's just an actor playing a role. He's jus-"

They're all regular working-class Joes who've put in their time with some forgettable roles. Fortunately, we haven't forgotten them.

#5. Rory McCann: The Hideous Hound Got Half-Naked for Porridge

If you know the show, you know the Hound had to get tortured by his sadistic brother to become a vicious killing machine (albeit a complete sissy about fire). In fact, he appears to take to water much more, er, swimmingly.


June 11, 2014

4 Inexplicable Things People Are Infusing With Marijuana

By Kathy Benjamin | 206,594 Views

Currently, pot is legal in only two states, but that isn't stopping companies from cramming marijuana into every possible product like the skateboarding older cousin of bacon and ginseng. We've already told you how people are trying to make pot ridiculously fancy, but don't worry -- even if you don't have thousands of dollars to blow on a diamond-studded bong, there will be plenty of affordable weed-infused products for you to enjoy at home, presumably while also smoking weed.

#4. Weed Sex Lube May or May Not Be Good for the Vagina

If you're a woman and you find your lady-bits clamping shut at inappropriate times, Foria Pleasure has a product that promises to open you up like a cannabis flower, or at least make your genitals smell like the inside of a record store.

"Side effects include possibly being forever trapped in the Dove Body Lotion Ad universe."


June 10, 2014

5 B.S. News Stories That Fooled Your Friends (Part 23)

By David Christopher Bell | 332,774 Views

Recently, online news sites like Mediaite, Russia Today, Metro, and HuffPost shared a hearty point-and-laugh when CNN accidentally posted a troll-made story about an asteroid hitting the Earth in 2041 -- because, you know, it's not like Mediaite, Russia Today, Metro, and HuffPost routinely feed you the made up stories they (and many, many others) fall for on a daily basis. Here are the latest examples, but definitely not the last ones:

#5. The Kid-Scribbled Chinese Passport Is Clearly Not Real

This month, the Internet officially collapsed under the weight of its own "LOLZ CHINA" thanks to this totally legitimate photograph of a man whose passport was defaced by his 4-year-old, causing him to be detained in South Korea:

via kotaku.com
The kid scrawled on everything except the face (that's a skin condition).


June 08, 2014

5 Reasons Nicolas Cage's New Film Will Be Crazier Than Usual

By M. Asher Cantrell | 258,349 Views

Good news if you like crazy Nicolas Cage: You're probably about to see him at his absolute craziest in the reboot of the Left Behind series (whose previous biggest star was also-crazy Kirk Cameron). And this time it's not even (completely) his fault. The source material he's working with is, in technical terms, a disaster of biblical proportions. (Get it?)

#5. The Writers Are the Equivalent of Pat Robertson on Steroids

Before we even get into the madness of the Left Behind series, let's start with the engine that got it going, Reverend Tim LaHaye. This guy isn't just some hack fantasy writer coming out of nowhere; he's a CRAZY hack fantasy writer coming out of CRAZYTOWN. In the 1970s, the reverend and his wife wrote a whole book about how sex works, complete with worksheets to track your Kegel exercises.

Zondervan Books
Unfortunately, reading this book is the third leading cause of vaginismus.