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January 21, 2014

4 Sleazy Corporate Marketing Campaigns Aimed at Kids

By XJ Selman | 314,407 Views

Remember when cigarette companies advertised to children? Man, old-timey people sure were some unscrupulous, backward mustache twirlers! There's just no way our enlightened modern society would ever do anything like that, right?

#4. Toys "R" Us Convinces Kids That Science Isn't Worth Their Time

Last October, Toys "R" Us found no better way to advertise its toys than by comparing them to things like science and the environment and declaring that shit totally boring. How so? Well, the commercial starts off with a guy dressed as a park ranger giving a sleep-inducing lecture about various leaves as he and a class of children ride a school bus to a supposed field trip to the park.

We're shown the extent of their agony with various scenes, like so:

Toys "R" Us

Toys "R" Us
Just another dull day in a school bus filled with cameras.


January 20, 2014

4 Reasons Legalized Weed Is Proving to Be a Total Bummer

By David Christopher Bell | 437,337 Views

Thanks to the statewide legalization of recreational marijuana, Colorado is now sitting pretty on rolling hills of sweet cannabis under anthropomorphic smiling clouds made of evaporated bong water (while the rest of us remain condemned to huff glue from under our drab desks). Or at least that's what they'd be doing, if things were as simple as the reggae-abusing local news segments make it seem. Why's that?

#4. For Banks, Weed Money Is Still Drug Money

With the exception of the many times they've done it in the past, banks don't like breaking federal laws, especially drug laws (except when they totally do). In the case of Colorado, it appears that they've listened to McGruff the Crime Dog and D.A.R.E.D. to say "no" to drugs -- even the ones that are now legal.

So where does that leave dispensary owners? Standing knee deep in basements pooled with wads of cash, like a dank-nug-scented Scrooge McDuck reboot.

Ingram Publishing/Ingram Publishing/Getty Images
They're about a week away from some stoner breaking his neck trying to swim in it.


January 19, 2014

7 Hilariously Predictable Porn Trends from Across the Globe

By XJ Selman | 652,150 Views

We've previously discussed the hilariously revealing trends of online pornography. As luck would have it, porn sites and other tireless Internet sex detectives (or sextectives, for those of you who dig portmanteaus) have been hard at work, crunching numbers to bring us further illuminating wanking trends from around the globe.

#7. Nintendo Players Love Hentai

After months of research, PornHub's noble statisticians have come to the informative conclusion that gamers love porn and will use their consoles to watch and "critique" it.

We're not going to lie, we're surprised (relieved?) at the lack of Pokemon.


January 18, 2014

4 People Who Were Way Too Casual About Firearms

By David Christopher Bell | 289,243 Views

As KISS once pointed out, firearms are like genitals -- they're deserving of respect, but disastrous when nonchalantly flaunted in public. It's basic common sense to be on alert when handling a gun, which is why -- for the sake of evolution -- we can only hope the following people use their genitals way less casually than they use their firearms.

#4. State Representative Who Fired Gun in Capitol Building: "It Happens"

While most annoying office employees are satisfied with tuna sandwiches and/or "discreet" on-the-clock phone sex, Kentucky State Representative Leslie Combs took it to the next level when she accidentally fired off a shot right in front of a colleague while unloading her gun in the state's Capitol annex office.

amenic181/iStock/Getty Images
"Oh, what a crazy accident ... Say, are you still voting against that bill I proposed?"