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November 11, 2014

4 Terrible Movies That Want to Be the Next 'Avengers'

By Mark Hill | 591,631 Views

Ever since the interconnected films of Marvel Studios started raking in more money than most of the nations of the world, every studio in Hollywood has been frantically looking for suitable candidates to develop their own cinematic universes.

Some of these seem like logical fits, such as the upcoming DC Universe and the impending cornucopia of Star Wars spinoffs. Then there are the following atrocities, which make about as much sense as an interconnected series of films about all the different Pop-Tart flavors.

#4. Good News, Everybody! They're Making More Twilight!

Twilight is a classic horror franchise, in the sense that part of the definition of "classic" is "it made a bunch of money a few years ago but is no longer culturally relevant." However, Hollywood isn't about to let this cash cow about a relationship more frightening than any of the actual monsters go to its grave just because they've already filmed all of the source material, so they've cast some black-magic spell to bind us all to a sprawling new universe of Twilight short films set to debut on the Internet.

Summit Entertainment
Which is honestly further than this franchise should have gotten, talent- and effort-wise.


November 09, 2014

9 Movie Posters Clearly Designed by People Who Have Given Up

By Isaac Cabe | 442,181 Views

A few months ago, we implored Hollywood to take a little money from their "diamond straws for snorting cocaine" budget and use it to hire better poster designers, please. Unfortunately, not only have movie posters managed to get even worse since then, but the TV industry has started commissioning their promotional art from the same 12-year-olds who just learned how to use MS Paint, too.

At this rate, by the end of the year, the lobby of your local cinema is gonna be covered with stick figures and blank sheets of paper ... which would still be an improvement from posters like these:

#9. The Lottery is About Eating Baby Feet

So your show is called The Lottery. How do communicate to potential viewers that the plot is more exciting than "a lady draws numbers from a fishbowl and reads them out loud?" We don't know the answer to this conundrum, but we're confident that it's not "disembodied baby feet":

Warner Bros. Television
That's right, cannibals. You're next.


November 07, 2014

6 BS Stories That Went Viral: Penis Drawn On $2,000,000 Car

By David Christopher Bell | 324,316 Views

Did you hear? The pope has officially declared evolution and the big bang theory to be real! It's a huge, world-changing news story about something no pope has ever done before ... except for Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, and even Pope Pius XII back in the goddamn '50s. Yeah. Turns out that's just a thing the Vatican has been down with for a long time, so why all the hubbub?

If we had to guess, the hype probably has something to do with our forever-part series about the media eating its own dick when it comes to minutiae like "fact-checking" and "being the news." Strap in everyone, because the bullshit merry-go-round has begun ...

#6. Listening to Beyonce Doesn't Make You Stupid

The beauty of any dubious Facebook-prone pop culture "study" is that they are satisfying enough to validate people's already-established opinions while inconsequential enough for nobody to actually fact-check. For example, you might have seen the following headline shared across the social media profiles of your brightest, most mature, least annoying friends:


"It's cool. I- uh, actually have Beyonce friends."


November 05, 2014

Why Every Christian Movie Bombs in a Mostly Christian Nation

By David Christopher Bell | 383,126 Views

While you weren't paying attention, the Christian movie industry has gone Tyler Perry on us and spit out a buttload of movies. In 2014 alone we've seen Left Behind, God's Not Dead, Heaven Is for Real, and the wildly underrated Hey You Guys, Let's Jesus This Town Up! And guess what? Some of these movies have done all right at the box office. Noah, for example, did better at the theater than The Edge of Tomorrow did (and yes, we know-a Noah was from the Old Testament, not Jesus-themed). But you get the drift: religious movies are hot! Or are they?

With 83 percent of Americans and 32 percent of the entire planet self-identifying as Christian, you'd think that movies with an overtly pro-God theme would make perpetual bank. That really hasn't been the case. Here's why you won't see a $200-million reboot of Bibleman any time soon.

Tommy Nelson
You all remember, Bibleman, right? RIGHT?

#4. Too Much Theology Drives Everyone Away

Before we figured out that Mel Gibson is batshit insane, he pulled off something no one thought possible: a commercially successful movie based on the pummeling of Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. Viewers vomited out $600 million worldwide to see a dramatization of the Son of God getting curb-stomped by Romans.

"Bring the kids! Pack some Peeps!"