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October 01, 2012

Why Hogwarts Was All in Harry's Head: A Conspiracy Theory

By Karl Smallwood | 593,149 Views

"It was all in his head" is one of the most cliched and disappointing endings a movie or series can possibly have. So it borders on surprising that J.K. Rowling never leaned on this tired twist in her beloved Harry Potter series. Or did she? Our evidence points to yes. Here's why ...

#4. He Was an Abused Child

Harry Potter is described as being small and skinny on account of being deprived of food. He also lives in a tiny cupboard underneath the stairs. To get any closer to the textbook definition of child abuse, you'd have to start punching kids yourself.

Harry is checked on by secret owl social workers.

Also, Harry's aunt and uncle literally refuse to acknowledge him as a human being for most of his childhood. That's emotional neglect, which is good enough for jail time in most states. Even if 99 percent of what they say is stupid, you still can't just pretend your kids don't exist without the authorities intervening at some point.


September 30, 2012

3 People Who Cheated Death Using Cartoon Physics

By Kier Harris | 339,923 Views

You know how sometimes in cartoons you'll see characters survive almost certain death through some truly improbable means? Like when Wile E. Coyote drops an anvil that somehow manages to reverse course and smash him instead of the Road Runner. It's always entertaining to see in cartoons, but you might be surprised to know it happens in real life too. Here are a few examples ...

#3. Chinese Truck Driver Barely Avoids a Tumble

An unnamed truck driver in China had a few problems. One, he was a truck driver in China. That job probably blows in a country with that many people. On top of that, he had just lost control of the dump truck he was driving and flipped it over the edge of a 200-foot-high overpass. So that's like way worse than just having a bad job, you know?

Luckily for the doomed driver, his tire and a warped piece of metal just barely caught onto the edge of the overpass, and his truck kind of hung there:

Chris Murphy

Rescuers managed to pull the driver from the car, and nobody suffered any major injuries. Most notably absent were injuries caused by plummeting from a terrifying height to the unforgiving ground below. That's a hallmark of success in any "save the guy dangling from the cliff" operation.


September 29, 2012

4 Fictional Works People Insist Are Real

By Tracy V. | 349,589 Views

People love stories. Movies and books let us escape our own horrible lives for a few hours. Some people love stories a little too much, however, and eventually begin to forget (or even deny) that they are fictional. For example ...

#4. 221B Baker Street

When Sherlock Holmes isn't faking a British accent with Jude Law in between Iron Man sequels, he hangs out at 221B Baker Street. The address is such a fixture in popular culture that people regularly mail letters to it, although Sherlock Holmes doesn't deliver presents, so the purpose of these letters is unclear. However, while Baker Street does exist, there has never been a 221B.

When the Abbey National Building Society bought the flats at Baker Street, they got so much of Sherlock's mail that they hired a full-time secretary to answer it (presumably Greg Kinnear from Dear God). Ultimately the museum was granted special permission to create the address 221B, but it will take another 100 years of unsolicited mail before they're allowed to create Sherlock Holmes, because he totally isn't real either.


September 26, 2012

Why ALF Is the Most Tragic Fictional Character Ever

By Cisco Covino | 274,127 Views

We've already told you once before about how the beloved '80s sitcom ALF featured one of the most depressing season finales ever, but as you're about to learn, sometimes we just can't fit all of the depressing details into one 500-word entry. That's especially true for poor ALF.

This luck-deprived alien's life was wrought with tragedy since the beginning of the show's run (and even before that).