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December 11, 2012

How to Nail an Impression of Your Girlfriend

By Matt and Noel | 140,673 Views


December 11, 2012

3 Absurd Bad Guys Who Might Be in the Next 'Star Trek'

By Cyriaque Lamar | 212,188 Views

With the recent unveiling of the first trailer for Star Trek into Darkness, aka Star Trek 2, aka Star Trek 12, aka Star Trek: Younger, Hornier and Alternate Reality-er, aka Star Trek Without Humpback Whales, aka Madea Goes to the Tribble Planet ...



December 10, 2012

The 5 Greatest Accomplishments by Men With Stupid Names

By E. Reid Ross | 285,514 Views

Getting saddled with a ridiculous name is a terrible way to start life. On the bright side, dealing with the adversity of being laughed at literally every time your name is spoken can do a lot for your character. Just ask these people, who put their absurd names front and center on the campaign trail and still emerged victorious.

#5. Young Boozer

Young Boozer for Treasurer
We don't trust him on the "Young," but we'll take his word on the "Boozer."


December 09, 2012

The 3 Hidden Pitfalls of Watching the NFL Online for Free

By Adam Tod Brown | 135,894 Views

Not having cable is all the rage these days. Between pirating and streaming and legal downloads, there's almost no reason to own a television or hand over your hard-earned cash to a cable company ever again. Unfortunately, these easy living good times don't extend to watching sports.

NFL fans have it especially tough in that respect. Here are three reason why ...

#3. Sunday Night Football's Three Rotating Commercials

To give credit where it's due, NBC's Sunday Night Football Extra is far and away the finest free online NFL coverage available. You get the entire game in great quality and can even choose from a variety of camera angles.