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August 02, 2012

4 Types of Music That Are Bizarrely Popular Overseas

By Jim Ciscell | 278,445 Views

The music industry is full of people who think they can predict what songs will be popular with any given group. It's usually just the cocaine talking, because the truth is, you can never really be sure what's going to resonate with people. We know that to be true, because we absolutely refuse to believe anybody saw these hits coming ...

#4. Jazz Was Huge in Nazi Germany


Why would anyone be surprised that jazz music caught on in Germany in the late 1930s/early 1940s? Because, much like dancing in the universe Kevin Bacon occupied in the movie Footloose, jazz music was illegal in Nazi Germany, with some enthusiasts even being jailed well into the Cold War years. But, again, just like Kevin Bacon was not going to let John Lithgow keep him from fight dancing in desolate Midwestern barns, so too would the Germans not allow Hitler to keep them from listening to a bunch of opium-smoking beatniks playing the same jazz scale for 45 solid minutes, risking arrest and persecution just to get a little bit of jazz in their lives.

#3. The Bob the Builder Theme Song Was a Smash Hit Single in Australia



July 31, 2012

Why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez May Be the Same Person

By Adam Tod Brown | 361,903 Views

Selena Gomez, pop starlet and 20-year-old girlfriend of teen sensation Justin Bieber, recently raised eyebrows when this super-sexy Elle magazine cover hit newsstands ...

Savor the flavor now, pervs. We're about to ruin it for you.

It's a career moment that any young woman who was famous before she was an adult will go through. That moment when people note that you've not only crossed the legal threshold of boneability, but the aesthetic threshold as well. It's something tabloid magazines and celebrity gossip sites never get tired of talking about, because coming up with valuable information to relay to your audience is super hard when the subjects you're covering only do something of value like once every ten years.

It's probably because of the casual disinterest with which we greet news of another young celebrity who's done the unthinkable by aging that nobody picked up on the one newsworthy aspect of this story.

If you look at that cover closely, it reveals something quite interesting ...

... Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are the same person.


July 30, 2012

The Horrible Reason This YouTube Video Has 50 Million Views

By David Wong | 314,054 Views

No sarcasm here: Most popular YouTube videos are awesome. If you can't appreciate an adorable baby or puppy doing something hilarious, then you have forgotten how to smile. But occasionally, something else slips through the cracks.

Because humans are by nature both depraved and deeply confused, this random video of a guy doing an arm tattoo is one of the most popular pieces of entertainment ever created by the human race. It has 48,437,278 views, and the reason for it is both hilarious and terrifying.

The video itself is just this:


July 29, 2012

The Truth About Ambition

By Fatawesome .com | 177,386 Views