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August 11, 2012

The 5 Creepiest Coincidences in Movie Casting History

By Robin Warder | 678,362 Views

Anyone who's ever seen Tom Cruise play a samurai knows that casting isn't always the detail that's given the most attention when producing a film. But sometimes, casting choices that were made on a whim end up looking like they'd been planned since the beginning of time.

Here are five strange casting coincidences from famous movies ...

#5. John Lennon's Killer Portrays John Lennon


In 1985, an actor named Mark Lindsay Chapman was cast to play John Lennon in the made-for-TV biopic John and Yoko: A Love Story. Just five short years earlier, John Lennon had been shot and killed in front of his NYC apartment building by a man named ... Rick Stephens.

No, we're joking. The guy's name was Mark David Chapman. And now some casting dipshit had hired a man with a damn near identical name to portray John Lennon in a movie. Luckily, a PR disaster was avoided when the offending Chapman was fired just days before production began.

It's cool, though, he found a different gig. Years later, Mark Lindsay Chapman played John Lennon in Chapter 27 ... a biopic about Mark David Chapman.


August 10, 2012

5 Bizarre Dinosaurs You Didn't Know Existed

By James Spedding | 345,114 Views

Admit it, everything you know about dinosaurs you learned from watching Jurassic Park. Or, possibly, you learned it while paying attention in school. That's never really been our scene, but to each their own.

But no matter what route you took, there's a good chance your education was less than adequate. If that wasn't the case, you'd already know about these ridiculous dinosaurs that history seems to have forgotten ...

#5. The Tsintaosaurus


Look, we're all adults here. We're just going to go ahead and say what we know is on everyone's mind ... that dinosaur looks really sad.

Oh, you thought we were going to mention the shiny red shaft and matching set of testicles that's taken up permanent residence on this absurd dinosaur's stupid head? Well that's immature, but it does probably explain the sadness.

To be fair, the dinosaur in this picture is actually a toy. It's not that these never existed, though. It's just that the balls usually seemed to be camouflaged a little bit better.

See? Those head-balls look downright stylish in that ensemble!


August 09, 2012

The Real Reason Your Boxers Have a Hole in Front

By Fatawesome .com | 335,472 Views


August 08, 2012

What Everyone Was Thinking When the Mars Rover Landed

By Adam Tod Brown | 199,759 Views