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December 08, 2012

Corey Feldman Is Throwing the Creepiest Christmas Party Ever

By Cyriaque Lamar | 201,975 Views

And here it is. What in the name of Pontius Pilate performing pilates in a Pontiac is going on here?

Corey's Angels
The Feldmansion. What, was "Corgy" taken or something?

If the name Corey Feldman rings any bells, chances are you remember it from such 1980s flicks as Gremlins, The Goonies and The Lost Boys. And in these films, Feldman played the Reagan years' quintessential smart-ass teenager.


December 08, 2012

4 Eco-Friendly Structures Straight Out of Science Fiction

By Isaac Cabe | 221,477 Views

Construction projects around the globe are looking for ways to incorporate energy efficiency into their designs, occasionally resulting in buildings that look like they were put in place to make James Bond late for his next sexual conquest.

#4. The Bahrain World Trade Center

Located in Manama, Bahrain, the Bahrain World Trade Center is the first skyscraper not built by Dr. Doom to utilize giant wind turbines as a power source.

Global Construction Watch
They double as a way to dispose of errant spies and superheroes.


December 07, 2012

4 Pregnancy Souvenirs That Will Put You Off Kids Forever

By Tom Reimann, Andy Sweat | 259,079 Views

Pregnancy- and infant-related items are a major worldwide industry, so manufacturers are constantly trying to produce some stand-out new product to get a piece of the action. However, some of these ideas could've used a little more time in the womb (sorry).

#4. Chocolate Baby Heads


For everyone who has ever wanted to stare into the formaldehyde-bleached eyes of a dead infant while biting into its sallow, spongy cheek, these solid chocolate baby heads should be right up your fear-stained alley. Designed by Conjurer's Kitchen to be placed beneath a cardboard box and a stick to trap serial killers, these delightful candy corpse-part facsimiles carry the FBI red flag of realism and taste like every nightmare you thought you'd forgotten. We assume that should you actually purchase one, the transaction will appear on your bank statement as "CODE ADAM" and you'll be required to go door to door in your neighborhood to inform people that one or more of their children may soon be featured in a mass mailing.


December 07, 2012

6 Bizarre Gadgets That Punish You into Being a Better Person

By XJ Selman | 307,745 Views

Everyday life is a constant battle against our vices that we typically lose, because things that are bad for us are fantastic. Fortunately, technology has taken a cue from the dysfunctional authority figures of your youth by incorporating the age old tactics of bribery and punishment into its usual offering of alerts and reminders. All of this in an effort to drag you, kicking and screaming if it must, down the long road to finally becoming a better person.

#6. A Monitor That Scolds You if You Slouch

Many of us slouch by default, like an emotionally defeated elephant confined to a zoo enclosure smaller than most McDonald's PlayPlaces. That's why Philips has developed the ErgoSensor, a 24-inch LCD monitor with embedded sensors that allow it to watch your every move. (We were going to say "monitor you," but we didn't. You're welcome.) The ErgoSensor will then bitch at you for bad posture, sitting too close to the screen or masturbating in front of it three times in a single afternoon.

"Seriously, don't you chafe?"