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December 06, 2012

The Most Amazing Celebrity Meltdown No One's Talking About

By Kathy Benjamin | 309,092 Views

Rarely is there such a perfect storm of crazy as that surrounding the recent meltdown of Katt Williams, an actor and comedian who is clearly responsible for his own IMDb biography.

#4. Inexplicable Psychotic Outbursts

In October, Williams got into an argument with actor Faizon Love outside of a nightclub, possibly over who had appeared in the superior Friday movie. Williams went to his car to get a gun, which was promptly taken away from him by one of Love's crew. Upon discovering that Williams had actually forgotten to load the weapon, they gave it back to him and went inside the club, presumably after ruffling his hair and making him promise not to break any windows with his slingshot.

Noel Vasquez / Getty
"There's no way he'll ever figure out how to buy bullets."


December 06, 2012

The 6 Worst Ways to Deal With a Breakup On Facebook

By Brenna Crotty | 320,621 Views


December 05, 2012

The 3 Most Spectacularly Full of Crap 'Experts'

By Diana Cook | 299,618 Views

Experts. We look to them and their highly specific knowledge to guide us through life's tricky travails. All we ask is that they at least be proficient in the one talent they claim mastery over. Is that so hard?

#3. Area of Expertise: Weight Loss

Dieting is a bitch, and losing weight is her evil, elusive sister. So when Heidi "Kimkins" Diaz lost 198 pounds and went from flab to fab in just 11 months, she certainly had something to crow about.

Woman's World
"None of my old pants fit, but I'll save a fortune on circus tents!"


December 05, 2012

6 Items from The Most Insane Clothing Line On Earth

By Luis Prada | 245,758 Views

In 1969, Yoko Ono gave John Lennon a sketchbook titled "Fashions for Men" as a wedding gift. This book was filled with bizarre sketches of clothing she thought would look good on guys with Lennon's body type.

Upon receiving this present, John probably forced a smile, said, "Sorry, luv, the glue is still drying on my macaroni portrait of you," and silently chucked an elegantly gift-wrapped diamond necklace into the trash.

Decades later, Ono has resurrected that sketchbook in the form of her new clothing line. Was this just an elaborate excuse to make John Lennon look like an asshole from beyond the grave? We'll let you be the judge.

#6. Hand Trousers -- $335

Opening Ceremony
You can't afford not to buy them.