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October 25, 2012

4 Famous Landmarks That Look Nothing Like You Think

By Eric Yosomono | 353,825 Views

We've all seen countless images of the most well-known landmarks in the world. However, the following photos reveal the shocking truth behind some of those landmarks, sort of like the first time you saw a picture of the dehydrated crocodile anus hiding beneath Gene Simmons' KISS makeup.

#4. The Heads on Easter Island Are Actually Full Statues


Easter Island, one of the most isolated places in the world, is known for the giant disembodied heads that dot its landscape like the basketball court at a Taliban rec center.

The thing is, those heads aren't disembodied at all -- they're the tops of giant stone statues that have been buried up to their necks like Ted Danson in Creepshow. They didn't sink over time, either, but were intentionally set onto mounts deep underground.



October 24, 2012

5 Famous Monsters That Are Way Scarier in Other Countries

By Jonathan Wojcik | 460,429 Views

We all grew up with some pretty frightening monsters waiting in the netherworld to haunt our dreams. But if you think our definition of football is the only thing that makes the USA the best place to be, you haven't seen the terrifying foreign versions of the famous monsters you grew up to love and fear.

At least our monsters left some wiggle room in the "chances of getting to sleep later" department. That's more than we can say for these terrifying foreign versions of famous monsters ...

#5. The Draugr

Getty, Cracked

Most of us picture a sheet with eyeholes when we think of a ghost. But as with pretty much every other aspect of life, Norse mythology handles the topic of "ghosts" in a far more terrifying manner than the average American is used to. Draugar basically consist of the souls of angry Vikings haunting their own corpses.

Their posthumous infusion of unbridled evil left these reanimated corpses free to go on raping and pillaging with a whole Justice League of superpowers at their disposal. A draugr could control the weather, grow to any size, burrow at high speeds, raise undead minions and transform into animals such as a giant, skinless bull or even a cute cat, because apparently it also realized even back then that it was going to need an icebreaker with the Internet crowd.


October 23, 2012

Biggest Red Flag in the History of Relationships

By Noel Wells | 370,639 Views


October 21, 2012

3 Science Fictions We Really Just Built

By Luke McKinney | 301,798 Views

Science fiction authors are desperately racing to stay ahead of the rampaging creations of real science, or at least wishing they'd thought of that plot. You'd swear scientists were trying to keep up the average IQ by canceling out every episode of reality TV with a brand new invention. And they're winning. These are just a few of the incredible things we've completed, discovered or "laughed maniacally while throwing the huge sparking ON switch" of in the last month.

#3. Laser Blasting Another World

Star Trek had a machine which could vaporize rock, another which could measure anything and real rocket scientists sneered "inefficient." NASA got a phaser and a tricorder drunk and welded the result onto a mast on an interplanetary atomic sciencetank. The Curiosity Rover's ChemCam amplifies the idea "looking at things" so hard that the thing is no longer there. Because it looks Cyclops-style with dozens of million watt laser blasts, then works out what used to be there by analyzing the glow of the vaporized ex-something. And we fired it on Mars.

Robot graffiti is impossible to remove

It combines a camera with a laser to shoot whatever is being recorded. If YouTube used that technology we'd improve the human race within a week. It's also why we put it on the mast of our ambassador robots -- it's way scarier than a Skull and Crossbones and kicks much more ass. If you think you can't have pirates on Mars because there was no water, Curiosity also found evidence that there was running water. We are right now driving an exoplanatery robot along the stream bed of one of the most exciting clues about life on another planet and the possible fate of our own. If you're into that kind of thing.