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March 15, 2013

3 Reasons the Harlem Shake Sucks as a Form of Protest

By David Christopher Bell | 159,033 Views

It has become apparent that the Harlem Shake dance meme isn't going away anytime soon -- in fact, thanks to the recent arrests of four Egyptian students performing the "dance," it has now become a symbol of protest in the Middle East.

But hey, expressions of protest come in many forms -- just look at the flower-wielding mud ghosts of your parents in the 1960s and '70s. Only here's the thing ...

#3. It's Not Going to Get the Message Across

Here's an image: It's the 1970s, and angry young men and women show up to protest the Vietnam War. In an act of defiance, they all line up and begin to flap their arms like chicken wings while stepping in place, or perhaps they bring out the big guns and "do the hustle."

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images
"Take that, war!"


March 14, 2013

4 Signs the Backlash Against Justin Bieber Has Begun

By J.F. Sargent | 345,571 Views

Pop culture figures have a pretty consistent life cycle. First the person is adored by a small group, then the critics appear, then the figure is violently slaughtered on the altar of our disinterest, then snacks. Sometimes it's really hard to tell when it stops being cool to like someone (Christopher Nolan sucks now, right? Is that what we're supposed to think?), but sometimes the media help us out by finding the next person in line for sacrifice and arbitrarily deciding that everything he or she does is awful. Like when Justin Bieber ...

#4. Was Late for a Show

If you've been on the Internet in the past few days, you've probably heard about the fact that Beibz was a whole two hours late to his own show in London -- a crime that's bad enough to make even his most die-hard fans say, "We were all fans and now we hate him."

"I hate this 19-year-old boy." -- The grown-up in this picture.


March 13, 2013

4 Disturbing Alternatives to a Tupperware Party

By Jennifer Byrne | 187,033 Views

Product-selling parties (like Mary Kay cosmetics demonstrations and those dildo parties that women always seem to be having in zany romantic comedies) are traditionally harmless reminders of how little your friends actually value your company. However, hosting one of the following parties would be nothing less than a hero's trial, as it would be difficult enough to admit to your friends that you own these products, let alone convince anyone to purchase them for themselves.

#4. Taser/Stun Gun Parties

DivaDefender allows you to host your very own Taser party, gathering together a group of your irrationally paranoid friends to demonstrate the finer points of shocking the bejesus out of any minority bold enough to approach them in the street.

Ethan Miller / Getty
"He said he needed directions to the mall, but I'm pretty sure that was some kind of gang code, so I let him have it!"


March 12, 2013

The 4 Least Anticipated TV Shows of March 2013

By Diana Cook | 217,590 Views

Need proof that March is an objectively terrible month for television? The "new" episodes of the NBC hits Community and The New Normal dealt with hot-off-the-presses subject matter like Thanksgiving and Halloween, respectively. In the Peacock's defense, the rest of the TV world isn't doing much better. For example ...

#4. Restless Virgins -- March 9 (Lifetime)