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December 03, 2012

5 More Facebook Chain Letters That Will Keep You Safe

By Luis Prada | 166,113 Views

Recently, a chain letter circulated online claiming to have the magical power to force Facebook to stop sharing your videos and pictures for their own nefarious use provided you simply post it on your wall.

This silly and entirely fake copyright notice claims to give users exclusive power over their own images and videos, completely ignoring the fact that this is a power all Facebook users already have.

"Take that, Mark Zuckerfuck."


December 03, 2012

5 Rock Stars Who Stuck It to the Man on Live TV

By Mike Floorwalker | 299,054 Views

Many musicians take the opportunity of a television appearance to guarantee that they will never appear on television again, because the greatest rock stars are the ones who tell everyone to go to hell.

#5. Fear Destroys Saturday Night Live

The LA hardcore band Fear was invited to perform on SNL in 1981 at the behest of John Belushi, who above all else was known for his rational suggestions. They greeted the New York audience by declaring "It's great to be in New Jersey!" before launching into screaming power chords delivered by three obvious drug addicts and a man wearing a dress.

Watch the video here!


December 02, 2012

The 6 Least Intimidating Military Logos Ever

By Steve Shapiro | 328,581 Views

Military insignia is supposed to be badass and intimidating, but every so often somebody in the armed forces graphic design department catches brain fever brought on by mercury poisoning and comes up with patches that are so ridiculous, they would be better suited for mail order offers on the backs of comic books than representing a group of battle-hardened combat veterans.

#6. Ladd Air Force Base

US Army Alaska

Ladd Air Force Base at Ladd Field, Alaska, was responsible for cold-weather testing of aircraft and equipment during the Cold War. Their insignia is a giant polar bear with a dislocated shoulder doing an end zone victory dance with a cartoon rocket ship while farting out the Land O'Lakes sunrise. However, the frosty snowcaps do lend the image a quiet dignity.


December 01, 2012

The 5 Most Baffling Genres of Romance Novel

By C. Coville | 282,942 Views

We here on the Internet aren't really in a position to judge readers of romance novels. Sure, people stereotype the books as wish-fulfillment fantasies for housewives dreaming of muscle-bound doctor-sheik-Navy-SEAL-Vikings, but at least they're less weird than the crazy stuff you'll find online. For the most part, that is. Look a bit deeper into the romance genre and you'll find all sorts of stories about ...

#5. The Amish

Many of us look at the technology-free Amish with longing, thinking of simpler times in the past when we didn't feel so anxious about all the movies we have to get through in our instant queue. There's also, however, a subgroup of readers who look at people in straw hats and suspenders and think, Boy, I sure want to have sex with that.

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