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February 15, 2013

3 Musicians Who Took Insane Risks to Play Awesome Gigs

By Brendan Bourque-Sheil | 236,650 Views

People like to talk about the power of music, but we're all pretty much agreed that in reality, even the most rocking Springsteen song can't stop a bullet or cure a disease. The musicians in these stories would beg to differ, though.

#3. Sarajevo Residents Brave Mortar Shells for a Rebooted Version of Hair

When Srdjan Jevdjevic and Amir Beso, two Bosnian musicians, staged a reworked version of the musical Hair that featured political statements and "James Brown meets Metallica" renditions of the songs, a description that you might recognize as the opposite of "commercially viable," they regularly drew sellout crowds.


February 14, 2013

The 6 Craziest Animal Products Ever Patented

By David Reidy | 203,196 Views

People invent some baffling things. As the Internet has spent the past two decades demonstrating, people do equally baffling things with their pets. Invariably, these two truths collide and result in people submitting patent applications for inventions intended for use by (or on) animals that will detonate your eyeballs with concentrated beams of mind-rending lunacy.

#6. The Horse Jock

US Patent Office


February 13, 2013

5 Bizarre Workers' Comp Claims That Were Actually Successful

By Mike Floorwalker | 252,133 Views

Workers' compensation exists to cover people's medical expenses should they be injured during the reasonable performance of the specific duties of their job, like a sushi chef chopping his fingers off or Bret Michaels getting a new strain of herpes. However, some claims are so insane that we're amazed anyone could've filed them with a straight face, yet they are all things that totally happened.

#5. A Woman Breaks a Lamp With Her Face Mid-Coitus

In 2007, an Australian woman filed for workers' compensation benefits after being hit in the face by a lamp that she ripped from the wall while having violent sex in a hotel room on a business trip (this is the only kind of sex that is ever had in hotel rooms).

"You see lamps, I see potential butt plugs."


February 12, 2013

The Ballsiest Living Cheater (Who Never Broke a Rule)

By Karl Smallwood | 215,131 Views

Barney Curley is a name that would be synonymous with gambling if you had ever heard it. We will now spend the next 600 words correcting that.

The Independent
His face, however, will remain synonymous with "old" and "poltergeist."