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May 31, 2013

How a 90-Year-Old Man Made the Most Metal Album Ever

By David Christopher Bell | 382,585 Views

Christopher Lee -- the English actor most famous for playing Dracula, Saruman, Count Dooku, and the mad scientist in Gremlins 2 -- recently turned 91 years old. While most people commemorating their 10th decade of life would limit the celebration to a 3:00 p.m. dinner reservation at Red Lobster, Lee decided to mark the occasion by releasing a heavy metal album.

Because this album just wasn't metal enough.


May 30, 2013

4 PSAs Scarier Than Any Hollywood Horror Film

By David Christopher Bell | 258,262 Views

The most effective public service announcements are the ones that make us shit our pants just a little. For example, the best way to get us to care about stuff like workplace safety will always be convincing us we could be murdered by clumsiness at any moment. However, in an age of increasingly desensitized audiences, the PSA industry has recently started pushing the "scare tactic" envelope straight into surrealist body horror and unrelenting shock fantasy. Hope you brought a diaper!

#4. Teen Pregnancy: Now for Boys, Too!

Getting teenagers to stop boning is really hard. How do you convince people who are wired to want sex all the time to at least be careful about it? The Chicago Department of Public Health had an idea.

The budget for this ad consisted of a month's worth of beer and Whoppers.


May 29, 2013

4 Ways 'Futurama' Is Becoming a Reality

By Amanda Mannen | 414,999 Views

Millions of fans are shedding soggy Slurm-flavored tears over the news that Futurama has been cancelled (again), rendering the season that will premiere this June its very last.

Once again, television audiences will be left with a dearth of quality Hypnotoad-related programming. But good news, everyone! While the TV show may be gone, you are already living it. Well, some aspects of the show, anyway!

One day, God willing.


May 28, 2013

5 Ways We're Totally Ruining Kickstarter

By J.F. Sargent | 260,058 Views

Recently, Kickstarter funded a Veronica Mars movie and a sequel to the beloved cult video game Planescape: Torment with record-breaking success. It's become clear that we can directly influence the things that get created for our entertainment -- if there's a cool movie or game or album that we'd like to see, we now have the power to give people money to make those things exist, rather than just wait for some big production company to foot the bill and bitch about the end result on the Internet.

Now the Internet will be forced to bitch at itself.