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December 09, 2012

The 3 Hidden Pitfalls of Watching the NFL Online for Free

By Adam Tod Brown | 131,002 Views

Not having cable is all the rage these days. Between pirating and streaming and legal downloads, there's almost no reason to own a television or hand over your hard-earned cash to a cable company ever again. Unfortunately, these easy living good times don't extend to watching sports.

NFL fans have it especially tough in that respect. Here are three reason why ...

#3. Sunday Night Football's Three Rotating Commercials

To give credit where it's due, NBC's Sunday Night Football Extra is far and away the finest free online NFL coverage available. You get the entire game in great quality and can even choose from a variety of camera angles.



December 09, 2012

If Fictional Locations Got Reviewed on Yelp

By Drew Grant | 157,399 Views

If you truly want the full range of the complex human psyche as it runs that crazy obstacle course that is life, there's no better website than Yelp.com. Obviously. Obviously you knew that, because who hasn't decided on a whim to look up the insanely specific reviews about the drug store chain down the street. (Personal favorite: "This Rite Aid is the pharmacy equivalent of that scene in "Nightmare on Elm Street" where Freddy Kreuger lifts up his shirt and his stomach is made of the tortured souls of dead people screaming in excruciating pain.")


December 08, 2012

Corey Feldman Is Throwing the Creepiest Christmas Party Ever

By Cyriaque Lamar | 199,602 Views

And here it is. What in the name of Pontius Pilate performing pilates in a Pontiac is going on here?

Corey's Angels
The Feldmansion. What, was "Corgy" taken or something?

If the name Corey Feldman rings any bells, chances are you remember it from such 1980s flicks as Gremlins, The Goonies and The Lost Boys. And in these films, Feldman played the Reagan years' quintessential smart-ass teenager.


December 08, 2012

4 Eco-Friendly Structures Straight Out of Science Fiction

By Isaac Cabe | 219,980 Views

Construction projects around the globe are looking for ways to incorporate energy efficiency into their designs, occasionally resulting in buildings that look like they were put in place to make James Bond late for his next sexual conquest.

#4. The Bahrain World Trade Center

Located in Manama, Bahrain, the Bahrain World Trade Center is the first skyscraper not built by Dr. Doom to utilize giant wind turbines as a power source.

Global Construction Watch
They double as a way to dispose of errant spies and superheroes.