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April 04, 2013

The 4 Least Anticipated Movies of April 2013

By Tom Reimann | 312,165 Views

April is the last month before the summer blockbusters start exploding into cineplexes like hand grenades full of Pixar and Robert Downey Jr. Going to the movies in April is like trying to cry and/or masturbate the night before an Eyes Wide Shut party. It might pass the time, but it just seems terribly wasteful given what we know is right around the corner.

#4. Scary Movie 5

It's hard to see the word "protection" up there and not think a few dozen condoms could have prevented this whole series.


April 02, 2013

4 Hilarious Moments of Animals Ruining a Sporting Event

By Alex Hanton, Logan Trent, Josh Hrala | 222,202 Views

Sports are a very human activity, but animals do try to join in from time to time. This usually results in a dead animal and a bunch of irritated humans who are now late for something.

#4. A Bat Stops a Basketball Game

Somehow a bat found its way into the middle of a college basketball game, reducing a group of adult male athletes in peak physical condition to a bunch of terror-stricken cartoon characters.

Bright House Sports Network
If this had sound, we'd be on the hook for thousands of spit-damaged computer keyboards.


April 01, 2013

9 Online April Fools' Pranks That Would Break the Internet

By Logan Trent | 385,854 Views

It's April Fools' Day, and for the major websites of the world, that means it's time to start pulling some pranks. We have tons of work to do, so we can't halt our regular business activities to partake in fun and games like some of our friendly competitors. So in lieu of that, we'd like to offer up suggestions for a few online pranks we'd like to see.



April 01, 2013

4 Great 'Peanuts' Specials for Traumatizing Children

By Mitch Anderson | 182,374 Views

In total, there have been 54 Peanuts TV specials. Very few of them are good, and some are totally insane.

#4. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?