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July 02, 2013

3 Reasons Why The Rock Might Be Superhuman

By Evan V. Symon | 355,315 Views

There are very few actors who can pull off the superhuman look: Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and possibly Bruce Willis, provided his chin doesn't disappear any further into his neck. However, only one action star actually behaves like a superhuman, and that's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. If his recent escapades are any indication, he apparently crash landed on Earth in a space bassinet and is only just now discovering the extent of his alien abilities.

Troy Rizzo / FilmMagic / Getty
One of which is the power to wear that outfit without looking like a douche.


July 01, 2013

5 Creative New Ways Businesses Are Screwing Over Employees

By J.F. Sargent | 442,212 Views

Ask any old person and they'll tell you that the best way to learn a business is to work your way from the bottom up. Want to be a professional dolphin wrangler? Start by applying for the job of underwater shit shoveler. Think you'll be a great CEO? You're going to need to work your way up from AEO to BEO first.

But what no one tells you is that the jobs at the bottom of the totem pole aren't simply the crappiest jobs in the workforce. No, the totem pole itself is rigged to steal everything it can from the guys on the bottom. Don't believe us? Here are five new ways companies are exploiting their lowest level employees.

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images
"Technically, this counts as your tip."


June 30, 2013

4 Respected Celebrities Who Are Slowly Losing Their Minds

By David Christopher Bell | 564,948 Views

We love it when celebrities lose their minds, but usually the people we watch are the obvious train wrecks just adding more footnotes of craziness to their respective Wikipedia pages. But every now and then, a well-respected actor, a ditzy but harmless chef, or a famously mild-mannered comedian will come out of the blue with something so perfectly insane that it makes Amanda Bynes' latest Twitter rant seem both rational and cogent.

#4. Will Smith Invented His Own Math-Based Religion

In a recent interview with Vulture, Will Smith and his son, Jaden, sat down to talk about After Earth, which would go on to earn worldwide acclaim as the shittiest piece of shit ever released in either of their careers. Right out of the gate, Will calls himself a physicist, and then he begins babbling about some universal space math he invented that has absolutely nothing to do with physics:

Sean Gallup / Getty


June 29, 2013

4 Recent Scandals That Are (Almost) Too Crazy To Be True

By XJ Selman | 368,460 Views

In case you don't follow the mainstream news media, basically the last few weeks have been one big cloud of scandals, involving pretty much every branch of the U.S. government. But while depressing stories about the IRS and NSA have dominated headlines, all sorts of other, far more hilarious scandals have slipped under the radar. While nobody was watching ...

#4. Vladimir Putin Stole a Super Bowl Ring

Back in 2005, the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, met with Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg. When Kraft left that meeting, his latest Super Bowl ring was missing from his hand. When asked about it later, he said that he gave Putin the ring to show his respect for the president and the Russian people. What an extraordinarily kind gesture!

Alexander Nikolayev / AFP / Getty
He's just one Stanley Cup away from the classiest night of vodka in history.