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April 01, 2013

9 Online April Fools' Pranks That Would Break the Internet

By Logan Trent | 385,803 Views

It's April Fools' Day, and for the major websites of the world, that means it's time to start pulling some pranks. We have tons of work to do, so we can't halt our regular business activities to partake in fun and games like some of our friendly competitors. So in lieu of that, we'd like to offer up suggestions for a few online pranks we'd like to see.



April 01, 2013

4 Great 'Peanuts' Specials for Traumatizing Children

By Mitch Anderson | 182,278 Views

In total, there have been 54 Peanuts TV specials. Very few of them are good, and some are totally insane.

#4. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?


March 31, 2013

10 Moments the Wolverine Trailer Stole from 'Batman Begins'

By David Christopher Bell | 232,230 Views

Last week, we got our first look at the upcoming Wolverine film, brilliantly titled The Wolverine by a bunch of producers who trained at the Sylvester Stallone Institute of Naming Sequels, and boy did it seem familiar. And by "familiar" we mean "exactly like Batman Begins."

It starts with ...

#10. A Scruffy Mountain-Dwelling Loner

We open on Wolverine alone in the mountains. Surly, isolated, and, most importantly, bearded.


March 30, 2013

The 3 Most Terrifying Faces Drawn by Nature

By E. Reid Ross | 236,271 Views

There is a particularly disturbing trend among some species of animal to evolve features on their bodies that look eerily like human faces, presumably to earn our trust so they can get close enough to lay 5,000 eggs in our ear canal.

#3. Shield Bugs