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May 13, 2013

How Mountain Dew Just Created the Most Offensive Ad Ever

By David Christopher Bell | 273,236 Views

Have you heard? The Pepsi Company has just released and retracted what is now being celebrated as the most racist and sexist commercial in history, which is saying a lot, considering history's track record.

The story follows a severely battered white woman participating in a lineup of black men and one goat -- so yeah, smashing start.

Nothing says "refreshing" like goats and violent crime.


May 12, 2013

How One Man Tricked China into Building a Giant Dong

By Brandon Drake | 274,760 Views

When the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper needed a new building for their headquarters, they turned to a professor of architecture, Zhou Qi. Little did they know that Zhou had every intention of building an enormous erect penis of a building. And the best part? Everyone involved should have seen it coming. (Pun intended.)

#3. The Architect Has a History of Mocking China's Funny-Looking Buildings

There were plenty of people willing to design this building. It was a juicy government job, and there was ample competition, but the man who won out in the end was Zhou, who also happens to have a habit of pointing out and mocking various Chinese buildings that look inappropriate. Take this skyscraper that looks like a giant pair of underpants, for instance:

Dan Lewis News
"I see London, I see France, I see China's giant, expensive, skyscraper underpants."


May 11, 2013

The 5 Most Insulting Defenses of Nerd Racism

By J.F. Sargent | 592,297 Views

News has broken that Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) is being considered to play Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Naturally, comic book fans across the Internet are furious, because they've had it with all the reboots and just want to preserve the magic of the 2005 original -- oh, wait, no. They're angry because Michael B. Jordan is black. And in the comics, Johnny Storm is white.

Consider the Internet's bitch switch flipped.


May 10, 2013

3 Signs This Naked Fugitive Is from the Future

By CRACKED Staff | 275,482 Views

In films, when you're dealing with conspiracy, time travel, or pod people, there's always that point where the protagonist is going to look batshit crazy when seen out of context. Case in point -- the beginning to every Terminator film, which teaches us that even the survival of mankind will seem silly if there's a bare penis swinging in the room.

But faith will always require us to jump the shark of our own disbelief, which is why we've chosen to share with you all a real-life man from the future. This man:

"Your blur effects. Give them to me."