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April 29, 2013

The New Pizza Hut App That Helps Make Kids Even Lazier

By Mark Hill | 143,532 Views

Pizza Hut has created an app that lets you order pizza from your Xbox, finally allowing hardcore gamers who somehow don't own a cellphone or computer to enjoy cheese that tastes like melted plastic on top of some form of cardboard that resembles bread. According to "experts," this is the greatest gaming innovation since EverQuest II and Pizza Hut teamed up to bring you the exact same service that nobody cared about in 2005.

USA Today says that Pizza Hut is reaching out to "its hard-to-reach target -- young men 18 to 24." Yeah, it must be tough to sell cheap, greasy pizza to a demographic that thinks malt liquor and Bugles are a balanced breakfast, Pizza Hut. How did they get the impression that young adults are so busy trying to make the perfect souffle that the idea of ordering a pizza never crosses their mind?

Hemera Technologies/Photos.com
What the average college student eats, according to Pizza Hut.


April 28, 2013

5 Sci-Fi Gadgets That Are Really Just Everyday Objects

By Eric Yosomono, Gregory Myers, Chris Fox | 398,626 Views

You might not remember this, but Hollywood once tried to convince us that Sylvester Stallone belonged in romantic comedies. They almost pulled it off, too, and that's how you know they're the best masters of disguise in the world. A good movie prop master can create the most realistic device from any old cheap piece of shit laying around. For example ...

#5. Sci-Fi Guns Are Just NERF Guns Painted Black

Nerf or Nothing Brazil


April 27, 2013

Why the 'Zombieland' TV Show Bit Off More Than It Can Chew

By Luis Prada | 215,263 Views

Here's a little factoid about the movie Zombieland: The two guys who wrote the script originally planned it to be a TV show. It was deemed too expensive for television, but the budget was just right for a movie. Thanks to Amazon.com and its Amazon Originals streaming service, Zombieland is a show again. You can watch it right now.

If you've watched it, this was probably the thought running through your head: "How did we go from such a great movie to ... this?"

Hey, uh, buddy? That shotgun is pointing right at your girlfriend's head.


April 26, 2013

The Senator Who Wants You to Know He's Completely Insane

By David Christopher Bell | 167,703 Views

Last week, New York state senator Greg Ball made a tweet, which as we all know is never a good idea for an elected official whose name sounds like genitals.

Greg Ball / Twitter
"Ball 4 NY" indeed.