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January 10, 2013

The 3 Most Notorious Photobombers on the Internet (Part 2)

By Aaron Short | 326,009 Views

We've already told you about some of the Internet's most prolific photobombers, because the Internet is a place that continuously rewards people for doing trivial things. As it turns out, there are even more photo-assassins out there who are a great deal more famous (but every bit as cheeky and hilarious) as the ninjas we featured in the previous installment.

#3. Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is best known for being on a television show 11 years ago. He's been involved in a number of other projects since then, but clearly his favorite is making ridiculous cameos in other people's photographs like a zany ghost haunting a family album:



January 09, 2013

The 5 Least Anticipated TV Shows of January 2013

By Diana Cook | 327,293 Views

It's January, and in the world of television, that means the fall freshman duds have been cancelled -- sayonara Animal Practice and 666 Park Avenue -- to make way for a fresh crop of shows and television specials. Here are five that probably aren't worth your valuable free time.

#5. Stars in Danger: The High Dive (January 9, Fox)



January 08, 2013

7 Hilarious Ways Badass Movie Lines Got Ruined by TV Censors

By Michael Greenbrier | 702,786 Views

We understand that when movies air on television some pieces of dialogue need to be changed. However, sometimes the "edited for television" dialogue is either ridiculously nonsensical or way worse than what was originally said (not mutually exclusive).

#7. Kill Bill

The original line: My name's Buck, and I'm here to fuck.

Move over, Kierkegaard.


January 04, 2013

A Terrifying True Fable That Will Make You Never Lie Again

By McKinley Valentine | 330,295 Views

Have you ever been forced to tell a dumb lie to get out of trouble and then piled on even more insane falsehoods until you were crushed under a Jenga tower of your own deception? Well, no matter how screwed up your life is, know that you're well-adjusted compared to the one-man Coen brothers movie who was Donald Crowhurst.

Warning: His story is more Fargo, less Raising Arizona.