8 B.S. News Stories That Fooled Your Friends (Part 21)

Every week or so, we at Cracked get the privilege of shining a light on how shitty real journalists are at double-checking their sources. And thanks to that convenient but dangerous "share" button, half of these news stories made the rounds before anyone thought twice about investigating whether somebody excavated the facts from a bull's colon.

#8. Apple Is Not Making Smart Ear Pods

Most tech rumors exist somewhere in the purgatory between "kind of plausible" and "fucking goofy," but also don't tend to break out to sites like the Guardian until they become official, right?

"Scientists hope to use data to develop cure for dealing with Apple users."

Considering the Guardian's record when it comes to exposing leaks, it appears that we're now going to have magic health headphones courtesy of Steve Jobs' secret clone brain. Along with the Guardian and the Wire, the story has broken on pretty much every tech page like Digital Trends and PC Pro, despite one glaringly obvious flaw. Let's just scroll down a bit on that Guardian report ...


Yep. The "leak" that's been tearing the lid off the tech world is a single anonymous post on the Secret app, which looks like this:

"He totally described a feature name with a lower case 'i' in front. You can't just make up things like that."

Unsurprisingly, this anonymous posting on a random app turned out to be less than true. But at least we have an official time stamp for the total annihilation of credible journalism.

#7. Chinese Teens Aren't Taking Cabbages Out on Walks Because They Are Lonely

For a society that loves laughing at other peoples' inability to detect satire, it's kind of insane how often we keep seeing stories like this coming out of China:

"Still not as bad as Korea's kimchi Real Dolls."

We'll give you a moment to consider the 12,000 mouth-breathing share clicks this Metro story apparently warranted, as several of such sharers were the Daily Star and the Huffington Post completely failing to consider the idea that maybe, just fucking maybe, cabbage walking isn't something that actually exists.

Only later did HuffPo update their story after learning that the photos were part of a performance art piece, not proof that China is populated with dopey cartoon characters, as the media seems to be insisting.

#6. Straight Men Aren't All Cuddling With Each Other

Rejoice, men! That DL comforter comrade you've been snuggling while binge-watching True Detective isn't so abnormal after all, because apparently nearly all straight men like to cuddle with other dudes.

"Bros before hoes. Always."

That shit is from Medical Daily -- which along with Inquisitr, San Francisco Weekly, and our good friends at the Huffington Post -- cites a report from the U.K. that anyone not currently spooning their poker buddy is the weird one. Or, more specifically, football buddy:


Feeling a bit left out? That's OK, friend -- turns out the 95 percent of straight athletes is out of a survey of fucking 40 students out of a country of 63 million. Meaning that "SCIENCE SAYS EVERY MAN CUDDLES!" is actually just the results of one now really awkward class project.

#5. Enough With the "Japan Says Godzilla Is Fat" Crap

And look! According to Japan, we've once again managed to fuck up Godzilla. The movie's not even out yet!


"That's what happens when you have him eat obese Americans."

So according to "Japan" (they apparently polled the entire country?) the new Godzilla is more like a Fatzilla. That's at least how it was reported by Time, Yahoo, the Independent, Rocket News, Digital Times, the Hollywood Reporter, Moviefone, and Kotaku, who all cite the same source: a handful of anonymous posts on a Japanese message board called 2ch. In other words, an entire nation's distaste for American Godzilla can be boiled down to what may or may not be multiple posts by the same person on a random forum. Had Japan practiced the same journalism standards, everyone over there would be treated to a headline like "America Thinks The New Ninja Turtles Look Gay, PENISDICK!!!111 LOL [eggplant emoji]"

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