5 Weird New Movies That Deserve Way More Hype

#2. We're About to Get a Bunch of No-Bullshit Virtual Reality Movies

So far the Oculus Rift's reaching grasp into our future has halted at making us look super dumb while gaming and giving nerds kamikaze hand jobs from anime characters with robot vaginas ... which honestly is how most of us expected VR tech to go. After all, it's not like you could do anything worthwhile with the breakthrough ability to engulf yourself in a 360-degree fantasy world that doesn't involve shooting people or cartoon fucking.

Actually, hold on, because there's something at the end of the tunnel that kind of resembles light:

Condition One

Condition One
"You can actually feel your rage grow during the 'slow person in front of you on the moving walkway' scene."

Those are a couple of shots we clumsily grabbed while playing around with this interactive trailer to Zero Point, the first documentary that's not only about VR tech, but actually lets you pan around at your own leisure while you watch it. The film begins on an interactive Star Trek-style spaceship where each room brings you to a different story -- a prospect that's almost cool until you realize it's still just a documentary about a topic other than Nic Cage playing Superman. Why can't there be a killer war movie done this same way?

Oh, wait, good news: That's totally going to happen as well with the upcoming short film The Mission, a 10-minute World War II drama currently being shot with cameras designed to give you every angle of the action. Every. Single. Angle.

You can even leave the set and go visit the craft service table.

While we might not see this take over for Hollywood anytime soon, the prospect of Michael Bay going balls-out in an omnidirectional capacity is actually kind of neat. It'll be like we're inside the racism!

#1. Harbinger Down Will Make You Love '80s Monster Movies Again

Nobody wanted to see The Thing get a prequel, but when it promised to feature practical monster effects in an homage to the spirit of the '80s version, it seemed like there might be hope after all ... right until the filmmakers went ahead and replaced all the effects with CGI because, and we are quoting, it looked too much like "an '80s movie."

Universal Studios
Yeah, that's way better.

So after taking out the only unique part of the film, The Thing prequel sank into oblivion while Amalgamated Dynamics (the company in charge of the practical effects) were left dicks in hand to see all their hard work go to waste. Their solution? Start a Kickstarter and make their own goddamn film, thus birthing Harbinger Down -- a monster romp about grad students using a fishing trawler to surface downed Soviet space wreckage that ends up housing an unspeakable being from beyond. In other words, it's The Thing ... but on a boat. And with weird tentacle thingies.

"We've doubled our budget by renting these to Japanese porn studios on weekends."

Also, it stars Lance "I was in The Terminator and Aliens, motherfucker" Henriksen to boot, making this the full-capacity nostalgia party everyone was lining up for back in 2011, especially since the entire Kickstarter was founded on the promise of an absolutely CGI-free look at the monster genre with a "no rugs pulled" guarantee.

So it comes down to this: Are you one of the people out there who hates seeing CGI ruin horror movies, or wishes the industry rewarded creativity instead of, you know, the thing that's not creativity? Good for you ... now watch the trailer, stop bitching, and start throwing money.

For a wee bit more expensive film we're also excited about, check out 4 Signs 'Mad Max 4' Is Probably the Craziest Movie Ever Made. And read How One Terrible Movie Ruined Hollywood for a rundown on how Waterworld screwed it up for everybody.

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