5 Meteor Videos That Prove Russians Don't Give a F#@k

Videos of apocalyptic destruction raining down from the heavens spontaneously flooded YouTube last night. It turned out to be a meteor strike that obliterated a building and shattered windows in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

But long before the news media was on the scene, social media was full of video clips of the impact (this is mostly thanks to the fact that many Russian cars have dashboard cameras on at all times). And while we would never stereotype one nationality or race of people, after watching dozens of these videos, we have deduced that Russian people just don't give a fuck.

In the huge collections of these videos (which you can find here and here, among other places), you find that that is the unmistakable running theme. For instance, we have this one ...

... in which the driver nonchalantly watches what appears to be the coming of the third angel of destruction foretold in the Book of Revelation. Bored, he keeps driving toward it while listening to the morning zoo radio show he's tuned into. We have audio of the car's interior -- there is no gasp of fear, no curses, no pleas to be spared the oncoming wrath of the almighty. He just continues his morning commute.

This next driver has the same reaction, watching what, for all he knows, is an all-out nuclear first strike by the United States, while continuing to drive and listening to "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis:

Note that it really does appear that the fiery projectile is hurtling right toward him, and he doesn't so much as tap his brakes:

Some people on foot did have more of a reaction -- specifically sprinting to someplace where they can get a better video of the impact:

Meanwhile, this group of dudes was in one of the buildings that was damaged by the shockwave, and their reaction is to stand in the parking lot laughing at it:

It doesn't matter if you can't understand Russian. The laughter starts at 1:20, and they're clearly joking about it the entire time. Again, this video is not hours after impact -- it's seconds after.

To be fair, this next group was at least startled by the sound of the impact as the city exploded around them:

But just seconds later, the group has grown bored:

And finally we pan down to reveal that the guy standing next to the camera is walking through the same bitter Russian winter that gutted the Nazi war machine while wearing a T-shirt and open-toed sandals.

Not a single fuck.

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