4 Signs 'Mad Max 4' Is Probably the Craziest Movie Ever Made

#2. The Story: Screw the Story, CAR CHAAAAASE

So what is Mad Max: Fury Road? Is it a remake? A prequel? A sequel?

Nobody has any idea, really, because all Miller has told us is that it's going to be a 110-minute-long car chase. He said in an interview: "I wanted to tell a linear story -- a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes. ... In this crucible of very intense action, the characters are revealed." So, basically, it's just going to be one giant clusterfuck parade of cars tearing across the Australian outback, characters exploding in and out of existence, and flaming motorcycles pinwheeling off into the sky while a Tina Turner power ballad blasts our eardrums (hopefully).

Warner Bros.
Who needs dialog when there are stunt cars to smash?

Miller claims that the movie has tested well, and if that plot description is true, we can see why -- he's taken the best parts of The Road Warrior and just made that the entire goddamned movie.

Warner Bros.
Well, almost all.

#1. The Production: So Awesome It Got More Money

After filming for Fury Road had already finished, the crew was reassembled for reshoots, which is normally a worse omen than finding out the film has been recast with Adam Sandler in a fat suit. But that is not the case with Fury Road. In point of fact, the studio thought the movie was too awesome, so they threw more money at Miller and told him to find a way to make two of the bigger action sequences even more awesome. The itinerary for the reshoots included something called a vehicle launcher, and while we have no idea what that is ...

Warner Bros.

... we assume the studio's exact words were, "We want the audience to shit themselves so hard that they can't even walk when the movie ends."

If that sounds crazy, check this out -- Miller went back to the bygone era of strapping stuntmen inside cars and flinging them through the air, performing 80 percent of the film's stunts without any CGI whatsoever. Instead of parking actors in front of green screens, he hiked everyone out into the Namibian desert and just filmed that shit.

Warner Bros.
"How attached are you to your arm, Charlize? I'd like this as real as possible."

Also interesting to note, the movie was filmed in order, which is incredibly rare. Normally shooting schedules are broken up according to the actors' availability and the availability of certain locations, and the movie is filmed in random bits and pieces that are put in the proper order during the editing phase. But, when your movie is one long car chase with almost no dialogue, it's easier to film it in sequence, even if that means some of the longest rehearsals of any of the actors' careers. Miller likened Fury Road to a ballet (if ballets involved shotguns, skull masks, and explosions), and we are not ashamed to say that we are super on-board for this particular ballet. We always felt Swan Lake could've used more car chases.

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