4 Signs 'Mad Max 4' Is Probably the Craziest Movie Ever Made

The trailer for the upcoming Mad Max reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road, recently exploded onto the Internet like the angry specter of Mel Gibson's pre-'90s career. Fans of the series have expressed worry that this new film could go the way of Red Dawn and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit by simultaneously being hideously awful and making us all mournfully aware of our age.

But it seems like those fears may be unwarranted -- according to all the information we've gathered about the production, Mad Max: Fury Road may likely be the biggest dose of jackfuck lunacy ever captured on film, which is exactly what Mad Max fans would want.

#4. The Writer/Director Is Clearly a Maniac

When making a remake or reboot it is always a good idea to have a writer or director who knows the series well and actually cares about things like characters and story structure. For example, when they rebooted the James Bond series back in 2006, the task was given to Martin Campbell, the man who directed the fan-favorite GoldenEye 11 years before. On the other hand, under no circumstances should you call George Lucas for any reason during your reboot, as he has damaged every series he has touched since the O.J. Simpson trial.

His cameo in Beverly Hills Cop 3 is very aptly named.

George Miller is handling the Mad Max reboot. Let's check out his filmography:

Not Photoshopped.

According to his resume, Miller is capable of making exactly two kinds of movies: anthropomorphic animal adventures and Mad Max (he also directed the best segment of the Twilight Zone movie, which involved John Lithgow screaming about a gremlin on the wing of a jumbo jet). Yes, the same man who invented Thunderdome and the idea of futuristic armored rape cannibals on dune buggies also made both Happy Feet films and the Babe sequel. We assume this means that Mad Max will eventually have a talking pig sidekick and a cousin who is also a gremlin.

#3. The Cast: Bane, a Bunch of X-Men, and the Villain from the First Mad Max

A quick glance at the cast of Mad Max: Fury Road shows us the three main roles will be played by Tom Hardy (legendary creator of the Bane voice), Charlize Theron (legendary trainer of Mighty Joe Young), and Hugh Keays-Byrne (legendary eye-bulging truck magnet from the first Mad Max).

Warner Bros.
It took half a Rick James worth of cocaine to produce the effect.

That's right -- that last guy, whom you've never heard of, was already in a Mad Max. He played the villainous Toecutter back in 1979, when Gibson was still Australian. Miller is taking absolutely no chances with this reboot -- he wants a man he can trust to be snarling and murderous (which would explain why he stuck with Gibson for an entire decade). Keays-Byrne isn't playing the squashed zombie of his previous character, though -- he plays the primary antagonist, a brand-new villain named Immortan Joe.

Warner Bros.
He politely declined Hardy's suggestions for making the masked vocals work.

The cast is rounded out by a bunch of X-Men and that British lady from Transformers 3 who was somehow worse than Megan Fox. Tossing the lot of them into a sea of vehicular violence in the middle of the desert seems like the perfect recipe to chase the summer blues of 2015 away.

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