4 Signs Christopher Nolan's Next Film Will Be Goddamn Crazy

#2. You'll Need a Ph.D. in Physics Just to Understand It

Nolan wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to journey to the furthest borders of our scientific understanding. The script was co-written by Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist and a colleague of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, on top of being winner of the Einstein Medal for Being Way Smarter Than You. Thorne's previous work with Hollywood includes consulting for the script of Contact, and we all remember how easy to grasp that was.

Warner Bros.
"It's a super-smart sci-fi space travel concept co-starring that red-hot Matthew McConaughey!"
-Warner Bros. execs, 18 years ago. Just sayin'.

But don't worry, Christopher Nolan is here to keep things accessible to the layperson. Just keep that in mind: The script co-written by a super genius has a threshold of comprehension of "It makes sense to Christopher Nolan," a director whose most straightforward movie to date is about a man with schizophrenia who beats the shit out of people while dressed like a bat.

#1. The Visuals Are Going to Destroy Your Brain

Nolan's already mind-melting cinematic style is getting thrown into overdrive for Interstellar. On top of being one of the only directors to still use actual film for his movies, Nolan also likes to incorporate IMAX cameras for certain shots to give the scene a sense of dizzying vastness. So naturally, Nolan is taking IMAX to the ma- uh, extreme by incorporating more IMAX shots than ever before. No digital, no 3D, just tripping balls in plain old anamorphic 2D. This movie is going to be the visual equivalent of a gang initiation.

photoncatcher/iStock/Getty Images
"You're one of us now. Go shank anyone getting tickets for Big Hero 6."

And naturally this traditionalism also extends to special effects. Nolan shoots as much as he can on camera and only resorts to CGI when the thing he wants to show can't possibly exist in reality. As such, the majority of the film uses practical special effects. He built all the ships and interiors to full scale and "put the reality outside" of the ship so he could "shoot it like a documentary." So apparently Nolan built outer space for this film?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
"It was actually a joint effort with Jim Cameron and the Avatar sequels, but yes."

Will Interstellar be terrible? When you strip away the dizzying visuals, time travel, hyper-intelligent gravity beings, and Chinese killer robots ... we're still not sure what the hell is happening.

When Chris isn't inceptioning you, he writes for his website, tweets, and hosts a podcast that was described as "the auditory equivalent of the Total Perspective Vortex."

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