4 Reasons People Get Suckered Into Idiotic Kickstarters

#2. Getting on a Bandwagon Means Trying to Steer It

Along with swallowing your tongue via rage seizures, the second danger of scrolling through these Kickstarter comments is being drawn into one of the hundreds of other stupid funding projects being plugged by various desperate strangers:


Notice a pattern? These guys aren't just here in the spirit of camaraderie; they're hoping to cash in on the madness by steering some dollars over to their own campaigns. And then there are the potato salad copycats, also known as the direct-to-DVD knockoffs of the potato salad fundraising world:

Congrats, you're the Asylum studio of root vegetable-based picnic side dishes.

#1. It All Boils Down to Herd Mentality

There's a reason people are willing to shock strangers to death because a dude in a white coat tells them to, or why you can draw crowds with just a few people standing in one place looking at nothing. It's called herd mentality, and it gives people the ability to join in on something without fully understanding it:



Great. Potato salad hipster is a thing now.

We're dealing with evolutionary impulses that have been there from the days when we were shitting and living in our own fear, which is why it only takes 5 percent of a crowd to steer the entire group if they seem to know what they're doing. We're all just herds of cattle following whoever moos the loudest.

And that's kind of the real joke here -- not that everyone has ironically funded this guy's potato salad, but that they are literally taking a symbolic stand against charity by proving their ability to throw their money away because they think it makes them special, even though everyone else is doing it.

Ah yes, the joyous irony of TOTALLY not being suckered into something.

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