4 Criminals Instantly Repaid by Karma

In the broadest sense, criminals are bad people, as they go out of their way to make other people's lives worse. But every once in a while, the criminals of the world receive karmic retribution for their misdeeds -- and sometimes that karma is frighteningly instantaneous. Here are four times in recent history when the cosmic scales came crashing down mercilessly.

#4. Mugger Nabs Phone, Turns Around and Gets Hit by Bus

A mugger at a bus stop in Bogota, Colombia, casually strolled up to a woman waiting by the exit doors and snatched her phone from her hands, presumably because he wanted a new Droid (but still had a year left until his next upgrade). After struggling with a woman half his size for entirely too long, he finally managed to wrestle the phone away from her and darted out of the station, where he was immediately smote by public transportation.

As the mugger lay trapped beneath the bus, the woman he just robbed ran to his side, probably to see if her phone survived the collision. Many other people on the platform rushed in to aid the poor bastard as well (we hasten to point out that, seconds before, they were all only too happy to stand there and watch a woman get mugged). Miraculously, the guy wasn't seriously injured, and was in perfect condition to be arrested after a quick visit to the hospital.

#3. Man Attempts to Firebomb a Car, Sets Himself and His Own Car on Fire

A man in Louisville, Kentucky, got supremely angry at the owner of a PT Cruiser parked along a neighborhood street and decided to vent his frustrations by smashing out the vehicle's window and lobbing a lit Molotov cocktail into the driver's cabin. (It is unclear whether his rage was fueled by the car's owner or by a general dissatisfaction with the Chrysler corporation.) Whatever the motivation may have been, he was so blinded by his fury that he managed to set himself on fire in the process, and the flames quickly engulfed his Chevrolet Tahoe.

It was the fire of bitter irony.

After turning himself into a Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial, the man panicked and sent his flaming vehicle careening wildly into several other cars along the street before finally jumping the curb and slamming into the side of a house (please remember, the car was on fire the entire time). The arsonist was brought to the hospital after his embarrassing accidental rampage, but was somehow able to escape, because apparently the police didn't think it was important enough to keep an eye on a guy who almost burned down an entire neighborhood.

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