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Have you ever noticed how some actors do the same weird things in every movie? Peeing forms a major plot point in like, half of Tom Hanks' films. Tom Cruise can't finish a film without breaking into a dead sprint. And, on the opposite side of things, some actors just never fit in certain roles: Michael Douglas only works as a modern man, John Hamm only works if the film is set in the past, and no audience on earth believes Tom Cruise as a father.

On today's podcast, Cracked editors Jack O'Brien, Michael Swaim and Soren Bowie talk about the weird trends in our favorite actors' histories. Ever notice how the stakes rise from film to film for Mel Gibson -- from saving Scotland in 'Braveheart' to saving America in 'The Patriot' to saving the world in 'Signs'? Or how Mark Wahlberg can't play anything but a blue color man? For a gripping look at how these trends came to be, throw on your headphones and click play above, go here to subscribe on iTunes or download it here.

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