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Great Figures Caught With Their Pants Down

Every year at Christmas time we do a Photoshop contest that's outside the bounds of what we would normally do, based on the fact that nobody is surfing the web on Christmas. Thus we give you this contest, even though we fully expected dozens of pictures of Gandhi pooping. Instead, you showed us, well, this ...

The winners are below, but first the runners up.


by Moneypenny


by The Machete


by The Machete


by The Machete


by Moneypenny


by misterq


by misterq


by Keithp420


by Keithp420


by jesse_e


by hxcftw


by haukey


by lokimotive


by FatCorgi


by darrenjames140


by dannon.37


by Croooow!


by Crickets


by Cee-Ell


by Bobby Bobby


by BiG-S


by atomheart73


by atomheart73


by headbangking


by Cocky0

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Arcadian. You win money.

by Arcadian

Want in on this?

Last year at this time we had you look into the future and show us the most embarrassing celebrity photos of the upcoming year. Since this is a new decade, let's try it again but look into the next 10 years. Photoshop what prominent people will look like at their lowest in the years from 2010-2019, post it in the forums. The best one gets $50.</>

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