The Collateral Damage Video Games Never Show


by agalea91


by billispimp


by Matt Gallagher


by mwayne85


by GundamPanda

And the winner is ...

Congrats, GundamPanda. You win money.

by GundamPanda

Want in on this?

The internet has vanished. After the initial shock and panic, how would we adjust? How would you get the things you used to depend on the internet for? What would become of current internet celebrities? Show us in Photoshop, post it in the forums. The best entry will get $50.

Want to see the entries that didn't make it? Go here. Or, check out our look at 19 Retarded First Drafts of Famous Inventions.

Or, for images too strange to make up, check out our Daily Craption Contest.

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