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It seems like as soon as a comic book movie gets released, they announce that a "gritty reboot" is in the works. We get it. There are only so many good ideas out there ("out there" being the greater Los Angeles area). Why shy away from a potentially killer franchise just because some asshole decided to put nipples on the costume, or Ben Affleck inside of it?

What we don't get is why TV, a medium that excels at proving just how plentiful bad ideas can be, doesn't do it more. We asked you to use photoshop to show TV executives what they're missing. The winners are below (yep, multiple winners, we're giving it to our top three because we couldn't decide) but first the runners up ...

Entry by Mr.E

Entry 26
by Mr.E

Entry by Skinnymojo

Entry 25
by Skinnymojo

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Entry by Senor_Taco

Entry 2
by Senor_Taco

And the winner is ...

Congrats, GundamPanda. You win money.

Entry 1
by GundamPanda

Want in on this?

Next week's contest is If Product Placement Was Everywhere

You know they're not going to be satisfied to just get brand names in movies and TV shows much longer. Show us in Photoshop what the world will look like once everything is turned into a subtle (or not-so-subtle) advertisement for some brand or other. The best entry will get $50. Post it in the forums.

Want to see the entries that didn't make it? Go here. Or, see what school would look like If Hollywood Taught Science Class.

Or, for images to strange to make up, check out our Daily Craption Contest.

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