17 Terrible Jobs We'll Need In The Future

Look, you can't argue with the facts. We're eating all the food, designing terrifying robots, and boning way too much. All this means is that, in the future, we will worship and value a completely new set of skills and we'll need some brand new jobs to deal with the changing times. Jobs like...


by skubasteevo


by beaner19


by Dominic Gudgeon


by Christopher Daed


by BRWombat


by punchrockgroin


by Toadofsteel


by Sanchez .


by darrenjames140


by Bronzulton Q


by GundamPanda


by psymunn


by OMG1337


by CalcToaster


by FrogC4


by GundamPanda

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Christopher Daed. You win money.

by Christopher Daed

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