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Like the stars of some of your favorite live action films, the cartoon characters you grew up watching probably have some memories they'd prefer to keep quiet. We asked you to show us the secrets that would destroy our child hood memories, and urinate on the remains.

The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by RG450

Entry 25
by RG450

Entry by 23MoreThanYou

Entry 24
by 23MoreThanYou

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And the winner is ...

Congrats, popcornmonster. You win money.

Entry 1
by popcornmonster

Want in on this?

You'll have another chance. Your theme is:

If Everything Was Made by Microsoft.

Post your entries in the contest thread. Winner gets $50.

If you'd like to see the entries from this week that didn't make it, check here. Or, find out what 23 famous movie characters would be doing today. And for pictures too strange to make up, but not too strange to make fun of, check out The Daily Craption Contest.

Got an idea for a future Cracked photoshop contest? Let us know.

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