If Everyday Objects Were Designed by MC Escher

MC Escher dedicated his life to drawing pictures of impossible things. He wasn't satisfied with mere optical illusions. Escher wanted to have rough sex with your mind, while kicking your brain in the balls at the exact same time. If you've been in a college dorm room, you've seen his work.

We asked you to show us what the world might look like if his aesthetic of the impossible was applied to everyday objects. The winner is below, but first the runners up.


by JBaker


by toychief


by Wibblewobble


by Syphon


by buda


by toychief


by pizzamogul


by sarcastro


by Dr_Spaceman


by buda


by erv


by S Peter Davis


by Matt Gallagher


by kellye_v


by basic303


by Wibblewobble

And the winner is ...

Congrats, VerneTheCoconut. You win money.

by VerneTheCoconut

Want in on this?

The internet is full of real life examples of these cruelly ironic ad placements, and now you'll be photoshopping your own. These can be real-world ads, like billboards:

Or web ads:

Post your entries in the contest thread.Winner gets $50.

If you'd like to see the entries from this week that didn't make it, see them here. Or, check out some 21 Things You Never Noticed in Famous Pictures. And for pictures too strange to make up, but not too strange to make fun of, check out The Daily Craption Contest.

Got an idea for a future Cracked photoshop contest? Let us know.

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