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Everyone loves a good set leak. In this spoiler-happy culture we've made for ourselves, we thirst for any little bit of information we can get our grubby movie-popcorn-buttered paws on.

Keep in mind we said "good." Set leaks like these, on the other hand, well ...

Entry by mrlarry

Entry 14
by mrlarry

Entry by Opus52

Entry 13
by Opus52

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Entry by rs1

Entry 12
by rs1

Entry by rs1

Entry 11
by rs1

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Entry by 404notfound

Entry 2
by 404notfound

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Danzy. You win money.

Entry 1
by Danzy

Want in on this?

Aside from our photoplasties ($100 per contest), we are paying out 10 winners for our macro contests. And YES, you can win all 10 spots ($350 payout) if you've got the skills to blow our minds that many times.

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