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The PSAs you saw as a kid didn't exactly shape you into who you are today. If you never took drugs, it probably had more to do with your parents or the fact that your friends never had any. But maybe they would have if they weren't utterly insane, no matter where or when you grew up.

The point is, it's pretty hard to do worse than the actual Service Announcements provided to the actual Public. We asked you to give it a shot. The winners are below, but first the runners up ...

[BONUS/WARNING: We did have an additional entry in this contest, but we learned that the image may be considered a health hazard to anyone with photosensitive epilepsy, so we took it down. If you have photosensitive epilepsy, you can just ignore the rest of this paragraph and proceed onto the contest. If you DON'T suffer from photosensitive epilepsy and would like to see the image, click here.]

Entry by Greg Welsh

Entry 16
by Greg Welsh

Entry by BRWombat

Entry 15
by BRWombat

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Entry by metallicfire

Entry 2
by metallicfire

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Agent Spiff. You win money.

Entry 1
by Agent Spiff

Want in on this?
Everyday Items, Pimped Out.

Here "pimped out" means any kind of over the top, unreasonably lavish modification. We don't just want a stapler with leopard print on it--imagine anything you use at home or the office with the most awesome and stylish modifications possible. The best entry gets $50.

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