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Famous Fictional Children As Grown Ups

They were adorable when they were duping their parents and criminals while waggling their eyebrows at the camera. But what happens when those irascible little goofballs we grew up watching on TV and in movies get older. How would they cope in the real world? We asked you to show us. The winners are below, but first the runners up ...


by roachboy


by walterscarff


by GundamPanda


by Nachodragon


by GundamPanda


by sickandtired


by ChickenSoda


by mattographer


by GundamPanda


by 1r3gr37n0n


by Matthew Stricker


by Barloq


by Matt Gallagher


by Senor_Taco




by butterlicious


by ivecomehomenow


by trey


by 5318008


by CitizenjaQ

And the winner is ...

Congrats, acsguitar. You win money.

by acsguitar

Want in on this?

What will make them awesome, and what problems will they still have? Use your immense talents and low brow senses of humor to show us. Post it in the forum. The winner gets $50.

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