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If Movie Universes Had Propaganda Posters

Last month we ran through some unintentionally hilarious propaganda posters from around the world. This week, we asked our readers to show us what the propaganda posters would look like inside the worlds of some of their favorite movies.

The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


by 1saac


by Howard Perez


by mattographer


by mattographer


by luckytylenol


by W07F


by hoomhum


by popcornmonster


by mac173


by TheoSchmeeo


by Matt Gallagher


by mattographer


by Rohan Ramakrishnan


by Donahue


by snack


by orangesoda21


by The Machete


by Dyionisiac


by Cee-Ell


by Dominic Gudgeon


by Matthew Stricker


by walterscarff

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Donahue2. You win money.

by Donahue2

Want in on this?

We've shown off real album cover disasters HERE and HERE. Show us how some great albums would have looked if their covers had gone that badly. Post them in the forum. This week's theme is brought to you by Get Him to the Greek - in theaters June 4th - and has a prize of $150!

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