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If Superheroes Were Assholes

We hear they've made another Iron Man movie. But the thing about that franchise is that even a superhero as supposedly flawed as the alcoholic Tony Stark, never really cuts loose and just acts like an asshole for a day.

Let's face it, if we had super powers and lived above the law, it would be almost impossible to not let our inner dick shine through. We asked you to show us via Photoshop what a world of douchebag superheroes would look like, and offered $50 to the winner. The results:


by BRWombat


by BRWombat




by McBeefy




by AgentCoop


by AgentCoop


by bum17


by kjkidd88


by dibens


by Ximon


by deddeddie


by NjGiraldo


by Bobby Bobby


by dibens


by cmartin22


by bunker6


by Senor_Taco


by walterscarff

And the winner is ...

Congrats, David Christopher Bell. You win money.

by David Christopher Bell

Want in on this?

You'll be Photoshopping the covers, obviously.

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