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23 Situations About To Go Horribly Awry

Sometimes failure comes out of nowhere. Other times, you start to count the number of exclamation points you'll be using after FAIL even before anyone's run head first into a hilarious injury.

We asked you to show us some moments that are guaranteed to end badly. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


by sonofpat


by PastaRecon


by Alexander L. Hoffman


by SamLowery


by McBeefy


by thebluesader


by cazman


by scott_walker




by McBeefy


by lokimotive


by hoomhum


by Happy Emo


by Gusmanio


by Cee-Ell


by pizzamogul


by misterq


by headbangking


by Brian_Cohen


by kunky


by Hans_Solo


by Strange but Untrue

And the winner is ...

Congrats, braddas. You win money.

by braddas

Want in on this?

Apple just unveiled their iPad to a largely unimpressed public, who noted the product appeared to be an iPod Touch that had been inflated to a size that would not fit in your pocket. In that spirit, photoshop for us what other hugely unnecessary product advances could be on the horizon.

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