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Unintentionally Offensive Versions of Famous Logos

As it turns out, it's really easy to accidentally make a corporate logo that looks like a dong, or a swastika. Some have noticed that the 2012 Olympics logo kind of looks like Lisa Simpson giving a blowjob.

This week, we asked you to photoshop some first drafts of corporate logos that got scrapped for being unintentionally offensive. The winner of the $50 prize is below. But first, the runners up ...


by GundamPanda


by Hans_Solo


by Bobby Bobby


by BRWombat


by TFindlay


by Moneypenny


by sephiroth3


by Hans_Solo


by Moneypenny


by misterq


by rainoftoads


by Mr_Durden


by Bobby Bobby


by htownnnn


by GundamPanda


by Bobby Bobby


by amyowhorker


by bign8a


by BiG-S

And the winner is ...

Congrats, The Iron Claw. You win money.

by The Iron Claw

Want in on this?

Take classic movies, novels, etc and sum them up via an infographic (a diagram, flowchart, map, etc). Post it in the forums. The best one gets $50.

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