5 Facts About Meth the Anti-Drug Ads Won't Show You

#2. Meth Addiction Comes With Bonus Downsides

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"Meth has given antipsychotic meds street value," Oscar told us, "because people will take those to force themselves to come down and go to sleep." After, say, three days of using meth to keep your energy up while binge-watching every episode of The Wire, you'll do pretty much anything to get some sleep -- even if it means taking pills that can give you diabetes.

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"Damn it. The whole reason I went with meth was to avoid needles."

But it's all worth it for that sweet, superhuman methy energy, right? If it was good enough to keep our boys fighting in World War II, it's good enough for cleaning the house every weekend. Except, like all drugs, if you do meth enough, you stop getting the positive effects.

"Even though you think of tweakers as people who wanna get up and move and have energy, you kinda just sit," said Oscar. "My addiction slowly evolved to me sitting in my bedroom all weekend watching porn. I didn't even want to go to the trouble of doing anything else. Eventually I did happen to hook up with somebody, and I was so out of shape that a few minutes in I was drenched in sweat and had to stop. I made up something about a heart condition, I was so embarrassed."

And here we are again, arguing that the real problem with drug abuse is that it makes boning more difficult.

#1. Meth Friends Are Not Imaginary

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The most common bit of advice given to addicts is that the people you use with aren't your real friends, they're just your co-users. You don't actually form bonds with those folks, so you need to cut ties with them immediately, to make room for the real friends who will drink Hi-C and go Rollerblading with you, or whatever it is normal people do with their downtime.

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Motocross? Let's go with that.

"No, they were my friends," says Oscar. "They were shitty friends, but I still had that emotional connection with that other person. I don't think people appreciate the extent to which [an addict] kinda misses those people. They were people. They had redeeming qualities."

It's a fine practice to try to keep addicts out of scenarios that might encourage relapse, but telling them that their "meth friends" aren't real relationships and that they'll have to cut all ties only makes them scared that quitting the drug will leave them all alone. That puts a pretty big "losing all your friends" mark in the "con" column on the chart we presume you use to decide whether to get clean.

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Destroying your body, getting jailed, and/or dying young versus not having anyone to
go to the movies with seems like an easy choice until you're forced to make it.

Besides, it's not always true: If you're lucky, there will be people waiting for you when you finally get clean.

"My other friends were pretty stoked [when I stopped using and] started spending time with them," Oscar says. "I was the person that they used to like again."

Keep those Rollerblades spinning, Oscar.

JF Sargent is an editor, columnist, and interviewer for Cracked. Contact him on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. Oscar, who only did meth in his dick that one time, can be reached at oscarkindling@outlook.com.

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