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About ciek


You have clicked on this for whatever plain reason that you can justify, but what it boils down to is that you are one nosy and invasive creep, so I'm obligated to spew nonsense at you for approximately somewhere within the vicinity of 5 milliseconds to 17.5 trillion years, I wish you luck and godlethargy in your journey.

I'm now a 22 year old dude, I am approximately 90% silliness and 10% Philosophical or Factual Bullshit, my hobbies are games, music, writing, programming & modding, studying languages, cultures, history, society... I am majoring in Classical Civilization for school primarily, plan on getting Computer Science degree after that... I have long red hair if you care to know, and i love to wear bandanas, and bananas... I play with words too, badly, my linguistic vocabulary is astounding by my own standards, not yours, which is why we both suck. INSERT JOKE. I also know they who breath into a firehearth and watch as it impregnates your womens. With a firey-shaped thing. They say it burns so good! (his name is Vulcan). You may or may not like him.
Not withstanding pecularities

Attack all their homes and villages! The pillage money will fund our schools!

You may want to have a certified paramedic near, if you continue reading beyond this point you might choke on list order words.

The secrets of the universe are within the two buns of a cheeseburger, but you can't eat it, because you're a vegemeatarian...

I like Music... See list below in no apparent order...

*Disclaimer*: This is no(w)t music I listen to, this is a list of nonsense words with commas stitched into it. Here for your reading pleasure in an endless wall of nonsense, ENJOY!

Sonata Arctica, Opeth, Blood Stain Child, The Faceless, Dream Theater, Grendel, Eluveitie, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Strapping Young Lad, Avenged Sevenfold, Soilwork, Testament, Blind Guardian, Heavenly, ChthoniC, Nightwish, Tarot, Amorphis, Combichrist, Serj Tankian, Billy Talent, Stormlord, X-Fusion, System of a Down, Trivium, Apocalyptica, Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, James Labrie, Gorillaz, Peccatum, Blinded Colony, Iced Earth, Silent Descent, The Strokes, Mercenary, Heavenly, Nightrage, She Wants Revenge, E.S. Posthumus, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Atreyu, Gamma Ray, Black Tide, Stratovarius, Imaginary Flying Machines, Bullet For My Valentine, Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Christian Muenzer, Manegarm, Firewind, Cake, Amon Amarth, Maximum the Hormone, Fleshgod Apocolypse, All That Remains, Kultur Shock, Coheed and Cambria, Equilibrium, Korpiklaani, Nobuo Uematsu, The Offspring, My Chemical Romance, Nocturnal Rites, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Scars on Broadway, Blood Staind Child, Moonsorrow, Shinedown, Derek Sharinian, The White Stripes, Wolfmother, Finntroll, Muse, Opeth, Sabaton, WHAT!, Sonic Syndicate, Shoe, Jeremy Soule, Disarmonia Mundi, Samael, Scar Symmetry, Billy Talent, Cruachan, Katatonia, Skyfire, Serart, Jordan Rudess, Liquid Tension Experiment, Guano Apes, Devin Townsend, Agalloch, In Extremo, Star One, Ayreon, John Petrucci, Katatonia, Flesh Field, Tyr, Circus Maximus, Svartsot, Timecry, Rush and many more!!

-This List is outdated and trite, there's a high chance i listen to exactly 300% of this.-

My is Ciek0990. Find me if you dare!

OK, we get it! We get it! You like to listen to a lot of shitty music! Geeze why did we even click on this guy?

I like punctuation!"I do." Do I? Thus; It does. Laugh depiction ahead: HA!? You do, oh, you don't...

I like Games... especially strategy games of the historical variety... What I like to play usually: Civ V, AoEIII, Civ IV, Medieval II Total War, Rome Total War, Civ IV(The Three Kingdoms Mod), EVERY PARADOX INTERMERACTIVE GAME EVER MADE, League of Legends, Dragon Age Origins, Fable III, CoD Modern Warfare 2. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, Rock Band 3( I do vocals and Guitar Expert, sometimes at the same time. I also have a ton of downloaded songs. Also, my band names are "Bending Flames in Entropy" and just "Bending Flames".) , Guild Wars(My Main Character's name is Ciek), In Guild Wars 2 I plan on playing Norn all day everyday... And so, so so many more.

Blank Space(coding error)

I don't change this page regularly because I am not a changeling type of person. I also like lists. Despite everything that challenges them. What is what now? GONG!


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