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I will always have bad taste.

Written: 24 June 2008 · my return date.

I try not to take life too siriously. ...seriusley. ...sirreou... ...seriuosel--FUUUCK!!

I'm dizygotic.

So is my fraternal twin brother.

I'm thirtysomething.

No. I don't know which character from that show I would be.

I have blue-grey eyes.

I live in the Sonoran Desert.

I am human.
hee. hee.

I cannot spell the word wierd.

I wonder.

I often wonder why we still don't have space-age doors.

I'm friend to two wolves.

Jason Bourne. (You know the question.)

Don Cheadle. (If he was up against Green Lantern.)

My favorite color is sunlight.

I'm always down for ice cream.

I have no opinions.

I sometimes think I shift into alternate realities from time to time unbeknownst to the world, because I notice the subtle changes and differences from the last one, but am too afraid to say.

My dream job just happens to be inter-dimensional traveller, however.

Australians have the sexiest accents ever. It doesn't matter who, female or male, to me, it's sexy. And refrain from looking at the front of my pants when I'm around one.

Despite how I feel about Australian accents being the sexiest, Kiwi accents are the coolest!

My thoughts on the world:
It stopped revolving around me sometime in May of 1996.

My thoughts on life:
I think we're in Hades. ...and not because I live in Arizona.

My thoughts on death:
Never had to happen. Bad plan, God.

My thoughts on God:
Which one?

My thoughts on gods:
Rad! The old gods, the Titans, are way cooler, though!

My thoughts on creativity:
My imagination is the only thing I truly feel I have for a reason.

My thoughts on humor:
I love it. It's funny. Makes me laugh.

My thoughts on drama:
Battlestar Galactica is the best one on television right now.

My thoughts on sorrow:
Sad thoughts.

My thoughts on politics:
...what movies are showing?

My thoughts on the gays:
They may have taken the rainbow, but we will always have the sunbow!

My thoughts on religion:
*yawn* Oh my gods! Think of something new.

My thoughts on celebrities:
...what movies are showing?

My thoughts on the military:
pyoo! pyoo!

My thoughts on you:
You're far more normal than you think.

My thoughts on you and your opinions:
Developmentally-disabled people are less retarded than you.

My thoughts on you in bed:

My thoughts on the internet:
It doesn't give a true reflection of any of us. People that married centuries ago after just knowing each other by mail probably are alive and well today reincarnated as the average internet user. Sorry, Great-grandpa!

Who I most resemble:
No one I've ever met or seen.

Who I'm most like:

Who I'd like to meet:
The person with the answers to the questions no one asks.

...also, Colin Farrell.


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