The 20 Most Secretly Brilliant Stupid Criminals

#5. Plot of 'The Parent Trap' Used to Escape Death Penalty

Mr. Raj (a name which undoubtedly fills its bearer with the insatiable urge to kill James Bond) was a 27-year-old Malaysian entrepreneur of sorts, working as a transport logistics manager moving a fiercely demanded product with a massive profit margin. In other words, he was a drug trafficker.

As all good things must come to an end, he was arrested and charged with transporting 166 kilos of cannabis and 1.7 kilos of raw opium in 2003. And while many parts of the world are coming around to the idea of legalizing marijuana completely, the penalty for trafficking the stuff in Malaysia is death by hanging.

It appeared to be a slam dunk for the prosecution. Mr. Raj had been caught in the act and the powerful case against him included DNA, widely regarded as the Michael Jordan of physical evidence. And that's when he tried something that the guy who wrote Rob Schneider's movie The Animal would have called far-fetched.

It turns out there were two Mr. Rajs.

R. Sathis Raj and Sabarish Raj were identical twins, and they decided to Parent Trap the cops. When questioned as to "Who dunnit?" each man pointed the finger at the other, blurring the line between good Raj and evil Raj. Malaysian prosecutors were baffled, presumably because neither Raj had a goatee.

The Secretly Brilliant:

Here's the problem with prosecuting identical twins. Even if you caught one of them in the act, all you have to do is leave them alone in a room together for 30 seconds and you don't know who's who. Ultimately, both men were set free as neither the prosecutor nor the judge and jury could figure out which one was guilty. They couldn't even be certain which twin was arrested at the scene of the crime.

Thus they gave the brothers a new lease on life and one of the best bar stories ever told.

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