All you need to know about Hooters.

This chart is far more complicated than the waitresses

Just The Facts

  1. Hooter's is a chain of over 400 restaurants that specialize in mediocre food with a smoking (both attractive and nicotine addicted) staff.
  2. Hooters' rules state that waitresses must wear the standard Hooters girl uniform: Spandex tank top (to display what your momma, or plastic surgeon gave you), orange running shorts(to highlight your assets), pantyhose (to catch stray clam whiskers) and white shoes (to keep the ensemble classy)must be
  3. Hooters is the restaurant with the most unreported sexual harassment claims of any business per patron
  4. Hooters' waitresses fill the niche of girls that know that they are attractive and flaunt it, yet aren't quite ready to bare it all at local strip clubs.


The franchise opened on April 1st 1983 as an April Fools day joke; the six original owners thought their restaurant would fail... Apparently they underestimated the appeal of beer, beautiful women, and delicious wings and their effect on the male psyche. Together they are the perfect storm... creating a vortex that can sap all the cash out of patrons with the Y chromosome.