Arrested Development 2

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Arrested Development: Development Arrested by Fox (The reason no one likes Fox is because they cancelled this show)

Arrested development is the greatest show you've never heard of. In fact, turn to your mom, who is inevitably making you a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich as you sit here, jobless, reading and say "Hey Mom, call up Fox and tell them to bring back Arrested Development." You may have never heard of it, you may not even like it based on its name, like the assholes at Fox, but trust me when I say this is one of the funniest shows ever created. It trumps The Apprentice, outlasts Survivor, does donuts around The Simpsons, watches Family Guy peter out, and phaserizes Futurama. The subtlety of that last sentence is my pitiful attempt at trying to recreate the comedy of Arrested Development. But the reason that Fox(aka El Diablo) cancelled this is that it failed to create a big enough following. But, if anyone at Fox even watched the show they would have realized that even though the show didn't attract a lot of viewers it was still freakin' hilarious.

The Show

Arrested Development's story revolves around the antics of the Bluth family and their construction firm. The main conflict in the show is the fact that the construction business is being investigated by the government for possibly building houses in Iraq during the Iraq War. Other lines of plot also emerge in the show, but, the show mostly revolves around Michael Bluth, the middle son that takes over the Bluth Company when George Bluth, the patriarch, goes to prison. Other plotlines include the eldest son's, Gob, magic act, in which he blows up a boat, claiming he made it dissapear and his brother cutting off his fingers in a botched "Sword of Destiny" trick er... illusion and other subplots that serve to keep the show fresh.

What makes this show so great? (It's not Funny)

The reason that Arrested Development developed any following at all is the constant hilarity that ensues in each second of every show. It has a rapist wit about it and doesn't leave anything sacred, everybody on the show gets made fun of. It even parodizes it's own sponsorship proclaiming that "[Burger King] is a wonderful restaraunt" so even when it tells lies to advertise something, Arrested Development does it in the funniest way possible.

Actually this show sucks, it is the worst show ever. It's not funny because one of it's characters is both an analyst and a therapist giving him the title of analrapist, that's not funny. It's not funny because that same character (Tobias) writes a book called "The Man Inside Me" and can't figure out why no women come to his book readings. This same character gets hairplugs that actually reject him and the rest of the Bluth family, after numerous fundraisers for TBA (To Be Announced), has a fundraiser to allow him to keep his plugs. And this same unfunny show allows you to laugh at a stroke victim and a dead wife. This paragraph is satyrical humor, and it's what Arrested Development is excellent at it. It is also extremely topical, covering WMD's, Osama Bin Laden and numerous other aspects of American culture. It's not even afraid to laugh at itself beggin people to tell their friends about the show.

And, even on the show's way out it attempted to bring new viewers by parodying all the things that make a show (supposedly) great. A live ending, lots's of stars, intrigue, and parts in 3d were all included, in one episode. On the trailer for the episode, it showed stars such as Zach Braff and that guy from Law and Order who always wears sunglasses, even indoors. It also hyped that parts of the show would be in 3d and flashed pictures of characters from the show saying that one of them would die, and finally that the ending would be live. The stars that were supposed to make cameos did, they were seen entering through a door and that was it. The one part of the show that was 3d was a two second clip of Gob throwing a tomato at Michael and when one lady who was not a regular on the show said that Gob could "charm the black off a telegraph boy" the narrator said she would die. And, the last two seconds of the show were live, or at least appeared to be. But, the show is not done justice by my simply speaking of it. Go out and enjoy it, because it is the best show you will ever watch and while you're at it send a letter to your congressman asking them to bring the show back. I don't know what your congressman can do about it but it gets more done for the show then sitting there reading about it on Cracked.