Dead Or Alive

Dead-eth Or Alive-eth, that's what this site is all about-eth...

Sashay Shante!  Ride that steel horse

Hold the postmortem.

Just The Facts

  1. Legally, only US Mail accepts remains, please do not send via FedEx or UPS.
  2. We only need 8 ounces to produce all of the Cremation diamonds on your order
  3. Yes. The streaks of white that you see in all of the pictures are actual remains. They are infused within the layers of glass that create a Memory Glass�.

Are WE dead or alive (insert echo here)?

When I was in grade school and had assignments I used to wish that I was the dream of some other girl. I was a procrastinator, that's why. I had blonde hair and I imagined that the girl who dreamed me had dark hair. Don't ask.

When I got older I heard something about a butterfly and being the dream of one, or something, and I was like: NO WAY! and felt validated and accepted by a community that was considered a bit wise and a bit loopy at the same time.

Then I saw this movie where these people were on a spaceship and they landed on this planet that turned out to have these spiders and it ended where the people were thinking that they were doing stuff but they really weren't because the spiders got them and were feeding off them and keeping them alive by injecting them with something that made them think that they were doing stuff and I wondered if I was being sucked on by a spider.

I still think about stuff like that sometimes.