Prison Break

Prison Break is an action/drama series. The premise was about a man framed for murder, and his brother trying to break him out of prison by being incarcerated himself. Later, they escape from prison, get caught again, and escape again.

Just The Facts

  1. Seasons 1 and 2 were very original, clever and overall entertaining TV.
  2. Ideas were lacking in season 3. Basically toss them in prison again and escape.
  3. Season 4 looked like a whole different show with the same characters. Show got cancelled but managed to have a proper ending.


Season One

Scofield is incarcerated in Fox River Penitentiary to save his brother from death row. He meets a a bunch of interesting characters who eventually all join his prison break plan.

Season Two

After they escape, FBI agent Alexander Mahone begins a thrilling manhunt that ends up with him being incarcerated in Panama along with some of the men he was hunting.

Season Three

Since the show is called PRISON Break, now Scofield must escape from a Panamanian prison where basically there are no rules. He escapes.

Season Four

Scofield and his gang, now including Mahone himself and former Fox River guard Bellick, must recover a card that is important to uncover some deep government secret stuff. All but one don't go back to prison.

Main Characters.

Michael Scofield - Architect, genius, mastermind.

Lincoln Burrows - Michael's brother and perhaps the most uninteresting character on the show.

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell - Evil rapist/child molester/psychopath in season 1. Not so evil anymore, but still psycho in season 2. Wise-cracking, likeable scumbag in season 3. Comic relief, lovable "former" rapist/child molester/psychopath in season 4.

Fernando Sucre - Scofield's Puerto Rican cellmate and friend in season 1. Scofiels'd escape mate in season 2. Loses relevance in season 3. He's still around in season 4, mostly hanging with the other characters.

Alexander Mahone - Genius detective determined to capture Scofield & co in season 2. Badass inmate in season 3. Hanging out with Scofield & co in season 4.

Brad Bellick - Asshole prison guard in season 1. Asshole former prison guard in season 2. Wimpy, constantly humiliated inmate in season 3. Friendly, cooperative pal in season 4.

Sara Tancredi - Prison doctor, Scofield's love interest in season 1. Scofield's love interest in seasons 2, 3, 4.



. Seasons 1 and 2, part of 3

. Fantastic performances by Robert Knepper (T-Bag) and William Fichtner (Mahone)

. Inspired the Arrested Development episode "Prison break-in"


. The creepy child rapist evolves into a lovable gimmicky clown.

. The asshole guard is suddenly the loser you're supposed to feel sorry for

. The supposedly dead mother is alive. And she's evil.

. Scofield and Burrows are not real brothers.

. The whole Scylla card/government/the company storyline way too complicated for a show about a prison break