Copyright. It's the law

The above image is copyrighted

Just The Facts

  1. When you copy and paste someone else's stuff without their permission, it's called a Copyright violation
  2. Adding a source at the bottom of the page does not make it legal
  3. You should try to come up with your own funny stuff

What is copyright?

Copyright is the law that says you can't steal other people's things, like funny articles and pictures that other people made and posted on the internet. Just because you can see it doesn't mean you can steal it and save it and redistribute it. You can either believe what we say, or read about it here:

Copyright FAQ

1. Hello. I have a blog/frequent a forum and I love your articles. I would like to post them on my blog/forum because then everyone will give me rep points/think I'm funny and popular/visit my blog more. How can I do that?

Wow. That's awesome that you have registered with a free blogging service/want to be popular on your forum. To answer your question, fuck you. You can't fucking steal.

2. You don't understand. I just want to do it to be more popular. I've tried to come up with funny stuff on my own, but it's hard because there are so many people on the internet and so many of them are funnier than me.

This is correct.

3. So, all I want to do is a little CTRL+C / CTRL+V something funny that I found on another site and post it.

All we want to do is a little foot in a little ass.

4. But I'm not doing it for money.

Foot. Ass.

5. But I'm citing the source at the bottom. Doesn't that make it not a copyright violation if I cite the source or say something like "No copyright violation intended?"

No. You are thinking of plagairism. If you copy something and you lead people to beleive that what you posted was your original thoughts, you are a theif and a liar. You committed plagiarism and a copyright violation. If you copy and paste someone else's work and then cite the source, you are just a theif. Plagiarism is about citing sources. Copyright is about copying something without the right or permission to do so. If you copy and paste something that you found somewhere and you didn't get permission to do so, congratulations, your mother raised a thief.

6. So I want to copy a funny article that I found on the Internet somewhere into my blog/forum post. What do I need to do in order to do that?

You can't.

7. But I'm just doing it on a no name site/forum. It's not like I am getting any money for it. Or you are losing any traffic over it.

CTRL+C and CTRL+V this:

"Hey! I'm an unfunny faggot :( But you know who is funny? http://everyone' You guys should all go over there and read that. It's funny. Unlike me."

8. But this is the Internet. Can't I just copy and paste stuff all over the place like a big fag because it is easy and it's hard to get caught and everything I can see on my screen is free for me to take and copy and call my own because this is the Internet and the 21st century and I'm a fag?

Well, techinically, yes. You are an unoriginal fag. But no, you can't copy everything you find on the Internet.

9. But the article I want to copy is funny and I want to copy it because it is hard to come up with funny stuff by myself.

Right it is hard to be funny. It's also hard to collect a bunch of funny original ideas a run a site based on those ideas.

10. So what do I need to do if I want to post something funny on my blog/forum so other people will think I'm funny and popular and keep coming back to read what I wrote?

Post something funny that you wrote/put together yourself.

11. Well, I don't think that's right at all. I think I can copy whatever I want and since I got called out on it, my Internet friends and I are going to get all self-righteous about how much better we are than people who don't like their shit stolen.

Write an article about it and post it.