Bigfoots natural habitat

My motivation inspiration ???

Just The Facts

  1. Its been reported in North America, Europe and Asia
  2. Although many say it does not exist, proof is everywhere(on an acid trip)
  3. Next time you wonder what that smell is, fucking run, because its bigfoot bitch and that smell is what your dead body funneled out through a fart will smell like
  4. Im not going to be as tasteless as to make a refrence to what else might be big
  5. His penis is.


You ever seen those videos where a man in a cheap gorilla costume walks across the screen into some bushes? Well thats actually bigfoot mother fuckers and I do not kid about bigfoot. He really must be getting old by now and shit what the fuck does he do in his free time ya know? Makes me wanna send the mother fucker a gameboy naaahh he prolly lives in some sweet ass pad sittin on some suave leather couch eating Dorritos watchin The Price is Right. There's no point to this article so whoever reads this you've wasted your time just like I have writing this and the amount of time it took me to draw that primitive drawing of bigfoot sitting on a couch watching The Price is Right is disturbingly amazing.