Civilization, were all in it, even if a few of us wish to destroy it... DAVE. Sorry, but that would be cool if your name is dave. Civilization is basicly a complex society, for you idiots out there thats a group of people doing different things.

Not your average civilization

Downtown wouldnt be enywhere without the homeless

What the world would look like if spiders took over civilization

Just The Facts

  1. Humans have a civilization
  2. There is a game based on the concept of civilization

The People

Let me get this strait, people are evil, from the gangs of teenagers on the street corner to the old lady taking 3 hours to go through the store checkout.

(Sorry to any gangs or old ladies reading this page)

People in Civilization are mostly human, and tend to do characteristically people things, such as working and eating burgers with injected fat. People have many roles in society - except CHAVS - Politicians, people serving chips at McDonalds and so on.

On to my favorate tipe of people, the homeless, the homeless are people who have lost there homes and forced to live off the street (or are they) they sit on the side of the street, sitting there, playing music, or offering organ transplants for money. If you follow a hobo through its daily routines, you will find many bins in which it has rummaged, they are the human equivilent of foxes, or racoons to you americans.

The Cities

The cities are where most people live if there not living in caves in the middle of nowhere, they contain huge concrete and steel buildings which house our offices, our shops and us.

Cities have areas where different places are located; there is the centre of the city, with the shops and gang rape. The suburbs where most of the townspeople live in overly priced housing. The council estates, where people who can't be bothered to work sponge off the government to get free housing. The random shop complexes, where it is not possible to sense time passing. And finally the old people's homes, where the old people go to live when they can't wipe their own bottoms.