Rod Serling

Rod Serling was one of televisions earliest writing Gods, and a total badass. How many other writers have an action figure?

The good old days of really bad photoshops

Just The Facts

  1. Rod Serling had one of the most distinctive voices of all time.
  2. He was a shortarse - only 5' 4"
  3. He is ranked Number 1 on the TV Guide's "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends". He is also the only real person on the list


Rodman Edward Sperling was born Christmas day 1924. Being both shorter than Napoleon and having his birthday overshadowed pushed him hard to succeed in life.

Meh, what competition?

Just after his 19th birthday, he joined the army. As a paratrooper and demolitions speciallist with the 11th Airborne. Since jumping out of planes and blowing shit up was obviously not badass enough, he also became a boxer, purely for the money, and won 17 out of 18 bouts.

Like this. Except the little guy is gonna kick your ass.

After the being seriously wounded, probably by shrapnel from the canteen he was using to beat a horde of terrified Japanese to death, Serling was invalided out of the army. Suffering from nightmares, flashbacks and insomnia he began to write as therapy. Having seen all the episodes of the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, we can say with confidence that it did not work.

Yep, this writing as therapy idea really works.

During his life he won 6 Emmy's, TV's version of the Oscars. His most famous script is still probably "Requiem for a Heavyweight". We'd give details, but there is something in our eyes.

He died 28th June 1975 after 3 heart attacks in 2 days.


The Twilight Zone

"There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. This is - the Twilight Zone"

Night Gallery

Posthumous Points of Interest.

Rod Serling was placed in the Television Hall of Fame in 1985, alongside such luminaries as Katie Couric and Regis Philbin. His family must be so proud!

Did we mention that Rod Serling has an action figure? Come on - no one at Cracked has an action figure. Except Daniel O'Brien of course, he gave us all one of himself for Christmas.

DoB figure edited to make it Safe for Work

Not content with death, and being admired as his programs went into universal syndication, Serling has come back from the grave twice. In 1994, Disney ressurected him to film the host sequence for "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" ride at Disney World, Florida. So a tower of terror hosted by a real zombie! In 2005, out of pity for Patricia Arquette, he introduced a partial 3D episode of Medium.

OK. We can see where the 3D idea came from.